Blugar's World

A Training Session

Now try it with her again.
Do I have to? How about if I do Barret instead? He’s so musical and poetic. Even Jax has a nice linear, paranoid mind.
No, if you can follow her thoughts, you can follow anyone’s. We don’t learn skills nearly as well if we only do the easy ones. Just try it and repeat what you “hear”.
OK, here goes…

The rocks in this cave look cool. I definitely need to study geology. Oooh, that one’s shiny. What color is shiny anyway? I like colors. Wonder if Polly is OK. Oh, and Barret, too. Oh yeah, I cured him, so he’ll be fine. Wonder if he had the same disease as Polly? Maybe that’s why the Oberhardts were asking about him. Oberhardt has a nice sound to it, even if it’s spelled funny. Why do we say something is “funny” when we mean “strange”? Language is funny. Wonder how it started. Oh cool, an underground lake and boat! Wonder if I can swim; maybe I should try it. Later I guess since we’re boarding. Oh a button! I love pushing buttons! Wow, we’re moving pretty fast. This would make a great amusement park ride. I didn’t get a chance to go to the Katmandu Amusement Park and ride a roller coaster. I’m sure I’d like roller coasters, especially since they go faster than what we think of as “coast”. I’ve never been to the coast. I’d love to see something as big as the ocean, and the things I could study there…! Oh, cool, piranhas! Wonder if I put a finger through the water dome if they would stick around long enough for me to study them. If we count in base 10 because of the number of fingers we have, would piranhas count in a base equal to a row of their teeth? Oops, too late, they’re gone. Maybe next time. Hey what’re those large, dark blobs. Too bad I can’t see faster. How can someone see faster? I’ll have to ask about that at the University. I really want to learn more about whoever designed all this cool stuff! Oh, ghouls, too! This adventure’s great, even if we haven’t had a chance to split the party yet! Barret would have found a way. Oh, Missy’s net’s working well at holding the ghouls back. What? The ground’s sticky and ghouls are swinging from the ceiling, too? What a clever trap! I can’t wait to tell Mom. Let’s see.. If kinetic energy is 1/2mv^2, and the pendulum swings at an arc of a perfect circle, they would hit at… Oooh! Hitting Missy’s shield has gotta hurt. Wait, what, we’re going back already? Oooh, piranhas again… Darn, gone already. A postal employee! They go everywhere! I should mail something to nowhere just to see where it goes. Oh, look…

Ow, ow, ow. I can’t take it anymore! I have to stop!
That’s OK; you did well to last as long as you did. Rest up and we’ll go on to the next lesson.



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