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Ambushed by BoB

Jax’s Journal

Theo Jenkins came to me with troubling news.
Folks travelling between Fandeo and Southern Cross have been going missing! No trace of them either. It’s a days journey from one town to the next and there is an Inn half way. But the wagons as well as the travelers often times don’t even make it to the Inn. This has been going on now for about 2 weeks now. She’d like me with the rest of the group to investigate. It would be best not to go as Adventurers… there are probably informants in town who pick out travelers for the bandits. We were allowed to borrow Theo’s coach with Ernie again – but the coach really isn’t her’s…
I gathered the group – we were still getting used to working with each other so it takes us a while to get ready. Ideas fly left and right and eventually we decide to have Barret, Asta and Kenzie leave town through another gate that day and meet us early the next morning. Meanwhile – the rest of us visited the used clothes shop in town again. Kevin disguised himself and Margine as a merchant couple. Lina and I were to be their servants… Kevin did a good job – he actually looked different, walked different too!
Early the next morning the four of us posing as merchants and servents boarded the coach headed for Fandeo. We picked up the rest of the group – Barret and Kenzie jumped inside the coach while Asta hide on top under the tarp with the luggage. Barret was very fidgety the entire time – probably his first time in combat.
Ernie suddenly announced loudly “oh no there is a tree across the road!” He has axes in the back and as the “servants” Lina and I exit to start chopping down the tree. Honestly the two of us don’t know how to wield an axe that well – so I hope we really did look like servants.
To the right of Lina, three orcs jump out of cleverly concealed holes in the ground. They rush to engage us! From behind I hear more shouts and a voice in broken Esperanto that tells us to drop our weapons and we will not be harmed. Not sure I believe that but I’m happy to comply with dropping this useless axe in my hands. Lina and I had our hands full with three orcs facing us – but we did well! Mental note: I’ve got to talk to Lina about that Animate Shadow spell – it worked extremely well on those orcs!
The battle was tough – a bit touch and go there – Lina staggered on her feet after taking several hits from the orcs – she’s tough! And then the demon appeared… I didn’t know this at the time but apparently the half-orc leader was a member of BoB. One of the twisted things about the BoB clan is that they associate with demons. A clan member can pledge themselves to a demon and once that individual dies the demon comes for their soul. So while I didn’t SEE this demon appear myself; everyone who had an ounce of psionic capability felt it. I heard Asta yell something about a demon and run. The demon asked if anyone wanted to pledge themselves to him. I didn’t hear a reply from anyone – that was good. About this time Lina and I, while we hadn’t fully dispatched the orcs on us, did get some breathing room. We were able to disengage a bit while the remaining orc’s shadow attacked him.
From behind some trees Lina and I saw (and felt) a huge four-armed demon! Our noses started bleeding when the demon appeared and we felt our fatigue steadily diminishing. It was only a matter of time before we both passed out if the demon didn’t leave. Kenzie – the crazy earther – she was attacking the demon! She already had several orc bodies lying on the ground around her – including the half-orc leaders. Several of the orcs we’re even missing an arm! I saw Kevin was lying on the ground behind some slain orcs. I recall Kevin earlier yelling out “Kenzie down” – why was he on the ground?
I ran to back up Kenzie thinking what the hell I am going to do against a demon!? Lina cast a spell that didn’t quit function as anticipated… great spell – but I think she got half the party as well! Mental Note: Mages need throwing skill for spells…
From down the road two flaming arrows struck the demon – he didn’t seem to notice them much. He was too intent on Kenzie who had already severed an arm. And then just like that the fight was over – in a whirl of blades Kenzie slew the demon – and the demon exploded…
My nose stopped bleeding and I was no longer being leeched of fatigue.

Wrapping this all up

  • We found no trace of the previous hostages.
  • Asta was found in the woods a good distance away passed out – not sure how she got there… not even sure she helped in the battle at all. She was bleeding out her eyes, ears and nose…
  • Kevin also passed out from bleeding out his eyes, ears and nose – but I’m pretty sure he helped in the fight – I think?
  • Barret and Lina went out to scout but didn’t find much. She made good use of her owl familiar – my familiar is lazy…
  • The orcs had 20pp each and their leader 1mp
  • It took a while to clear the tree in the road by which time Asta and Kevin had regained consciousness
  • While we thought we had thoroughly searched the orcs apparently we missed some documentation secretly concealed in the leaders clothing – Asta found it and read it to the group.
  • One page was a picture of me – nicely done by the way – and the other an itinerary of my trip to Wilkie and back. Oh and there was a receipt for slaves – why would a half-orc keep a receipt?
  • BoB is vindictive…
  • Theo Jenkins rewarded us with $2,000

Someone (maybe more than one) is working for BoB and has been keeping tabs on me in town… damn agents of chaos!


Willy Dreadstar

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