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Danger Room Training Session

Jax’s Journal

Kenzie Miyamoto an earther martial artist kindly invited myself and other likeminded adventurers to a “Danger Room” training session at Southern Cross’ Adventurer’s Guild. New to Southern Cross and the Adventurers Guild I eagerly accepted the invitation.

I was grouped with folks whom I believe were local to the town and members of the adventurers guild themselves – they seemed to know each other at least.

Kevin – indicated he was a fighter – in this case our only one! Apparently he’s very handsome…
Asta – Cleric of Dixon – the cleric was not new to the Danger Room and apparently did much better in this session that previous ones – at least she didn’t fall down as much!?
Margine – not exactly sure how this individual supported us; she did preach a lot about unity and community – before running off on their own during combat.
Lina – a spell caster; appeared to use her spells well – I think she was new to the guild and town as well

We were allowed to view the room in which we’d be tested an hour prior to the session itself. The room was large a large open space inside the tower – it was created to be like we were outside (the trees were fake). The space taken up inside the tower was approximately the same proportions as that which could be housed within the tower as well. There were several platforms built up across the room as well as several mounds of earth making for various level of terrain. There was a large window in the wall where the group could be observed. By whom? I didn’t get an answer to this question…

The Cleric of Dixon went on about what we’d be fighting, did we have to kill them? Would we be killed? Would Dixon approve of our killing it\them? Not much information on our test was given – except that Dixon would not disapprove of our actions.

After being allowed to examine the room we were taken to a staging room and told we have 1 hour to prepare. The groups did introductions and discussed some of our strengths and how we could work as a unit during this test. Kevin indicated that after the last test you really needed to have eyes in the back of your head…

I temporarily enchanted each member of the groups weapons – when needed each party member could activate the enchantment by saying “SHAZAM!”. In retrospect since this took an action on the part of each character the activation should probably be made to the drawing of ones weapon from its sheath… (mental note what about weapons that don’t need to be drawn?)

Entering the room once more prepared for combat I took the opportunity to again scan the room – what had changed? Near as I could tell nothing had changed – except – a mound of earth to the west… it wasn’t “right”. It didn’t jive with what I remembered… I informed the rest of the group and they proceeded down the ladder – some rather clumsily…

In our planning session we had determined that we should take the first hill south of the ladder. It was about 6’ high. Although we failed to notice we all couldn’t fit on the top of this “hill”.

Lina threw the first blow – a well-aimed long distance fireball revealed a not so cleverly hidden orc in a mound of dirt.

Summarizing the fight

  • There were a few casters in towers to the north and south of us who summoned trolls to fight us
  • Other orc’s hid in the dirt and dug pit traps (Kevin almost fell in one, Margine did…)
  • At one point an orc started to attack Kenzie and was told to stop by one of the casters
  • Orcs are dumb – they argue with each other on the battle field and fail to remember where they dug pit traps
  • Enhanced Tracking is important
  • Acrobatics – might be important…
  • Haste makes waste… take your time going down a ladder
  • Don’t fall down – it takes 2 rounds to get back up!

Eventually lightning bolts came down from the heavens and zapped the orcs – Lina and I think a figure in the window watching us did it…

I’ll let Kenzie submit the evaluations…


Nice adventure log!

Danger Room Training Session
Willy Dreadstar

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