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Suspected Jnda Ninjas Attack
The Honorable Priest Jeremy Horsanna was out for a late night stroll with some friends when the attack occurred. A stealthy deadly Ninja dropped out of the sky right in front of him. He tried to defend himself, but was no match for the devilish creature. His friends tried to help, but another assassin with a State gun was on a rooftop picking them off and two of them died from gun shot wounds through the head.
They had us surrounded, except back towards my church” he says.
From the evidence left in the street of eviscerated bodies of two of his other friends, local authorities suspect the assassins ate human flesh of their victims before fleeing the scene.
My friend John was doing his best to hold them off one minute and the next he was gone without a trace” says the tearful padre.
When will the authorities make it safe for law-abiding citizens to walk the streets after dark? Will the citizens take up arms and restore order in the streets?

John’s Stuff & Inn Closed
A fire broke out in the local retail motel on Hyde Street. The owner was in the process of evicting suspicious characters from their rented room when the fire broke out.
I run a clean establishment, and these yahoos from outside the neighborhood trashed the place. Besides the fire, they removed a bar on the window. How do law breaking thieves like this run loose around a family neighborhood like this?
His trust in mankind may be battered, but he vows to rebuild and open next Fall.
One of them that checked in matches those wanted posters I seen today. I don’t run that kind of place. Slavery is the law of the empire, and I’m a lawful subject.
Until next Fall, he and his new bride are taking a well deserved honeymoon.

Leena Inverse Spotted In Town
Wanted posters describe Leena as an escaped slave, wanted for murder and witchcraft. Someone matching her description was seen last night dragging a body of her latest victim done the street.
She was the right height, but her face and hair didn’t match the poster. Maybe she used her dark powers to steal someone’s appearance.” says an anonymous witness. Fearing for the life of the witness, this paper is not going to reveal its source.
Anyone seeing her is requested to report her whereabouts to any law-abiding slaver.

Tragedy Strikes Twice for Local Temple
After the murder of several friends in the streets, mourners in the temple were shocked their holy rituals were interrupted by chaotic forces last night.
It looked like a dragon, it breathed fire like a dragon, and it slayed innocent people like a dragon” says a parishioner.
This reporter was shocked by the number of slain bodies, their throats slashed by the dragon’s claws. The smells of charred flesh made it unbearable to examine the evidence of this crime scene.
When it attacked, my first concern was the safety of the faithful.” says Priest Horsanna. “Many fled to safety, but the loss of life here was not preventable.
It is suspected the dragon was directed by elements of chaos. It was possibly a mother dragon, as a young dragon carried off at least one victim, according to all accounts.


LOL awesome…

East Side News

so um, his new bride… LOL wonder if that was the woman we “saved” or tried to at least…

East Side News

Of course she was – “Slavery is the law of the empire, and I’m a lawful subject”

East Side News

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