Blugar's World

Ghosts of Anchor Hill

Jax’s Journal

History: 600 years ago State went on a rampage in its desire to wipe out and eliminate all technology on Blugar’s World. In doing so State Troopers razed Anchor City to the ground. Back then, Anchor City had a lighthouse – a lighthouse run by electricity! Today the site of Anchor City is now known as Anchor Hill and Anchor City has moved down closer to the water.

Barrett gathers the group while we wait in Anchor City to hear back from Kevin. A young kid needs help and based off the stories he’s heard of Barrett he can help him. The young kid, Cody is a tunnel rat. He and his buddies “excavate” the ruins of Anchor Hill for treasure. Cody’s buddy Hank was grabbed by creatures with glowing eyes just a few hours ago!
Sensing adventure Barrett gathered the group whom was only too eager to escape the confines of the inn. Laying low in Anchor City waiting for information – its boring!
Cody leads Barrett, Jax, Lina, Missy and Tesla out of town via a “secret passage”. As we travel we get the low down on what happen. Cody and his friend Hank dug their way into branch Five from branch Four under the ruins of Anchor Hill. Anchor Hill is now used to grow grapes – vines cover all old previous structures that once existed. Cody and his friends for several years now have dug all-round the hill. Recently the kids found a magic sword which his friend Hank used to slay a huge rat! A few days back they while digging to branch Five they found a sign that said “cotangent” – Hank knows how to read.
Entering the Third branch we travel to the Fourth and find a tunnel that isn’t badly constructed – for kids that is… I wouldn’t want to trust their excavation skills on my life however. We head into the tunnel on hands and knees. Seriously – in all the “Delvers of the Deep” adventures I read not one of them ever mentioned crawling on hands and knees. The further and further in we travelled the more shoddy the tunnel construction became – if anyone sneezed wrong I swear the tunnel would collapse on us!
Missy finds the end of the tunnel and busts through the wood planks blocking her – only to have herself dragged out of the tunnel and into a room full of glowing green… “Ghosts!” she yells! Being at the end of a long line deep in a tunnel sucks. The ghosts wail and but we’re a tough group and rather than flee we perceiver on! One by one – round by round the group gets “yanked” into the room full of ghosts. The ghosts fail in attempting to “toss” Missy into a cage at the back of the room but ultimately Cody, Barrett and Lina find themselves in the cage – invisible hands throw them in and bar the door!
Meanwhile while the invisible hands grapple with Missy, Tesla starts trying to converse with the ghosts asking them questions but the only response we hear is “Jailor” in multiple languages. Tesla is pinned to the wall above the tunnel exit – apparently there is no more room in the cage. Hank – whom was apparently freed from the cage when Missy first showed up started heading my way down the tunnel – crap – there is not enough room in this poorly constructed tunnel to go around each other! I quickly blink to the other side of Hank in the tunnel fearful for my life – not from the ghosts – but a 13 year old freaked out kid who could cause the entire tunnel to collapse!
Barrett starts talking at his point – very compellingly. I’ve never heard him speak this way before… Barrett starts telling a story and everyone myself included stops to listen. After Barrett’s story we talk with the ghosts. They appear as decayed old clothing glowing green floating in the air about us. The group finds out that these ghosts were infected with Green Death Zombie disease ~600 years ago. They were all thrown into the tunnels alive and became infected with GDZ dying a slow death. They haunted the hill all this time. The ghosts want revenge, they want to infect us and have us travel back out into the world and infect others! Barrett tells them to fly to earth. Then quickly corrects himself and tells them that the closest place he’s heard rumors of State is on the… Moon!? WTF? How did State get on the moon I wonder… the ghosts zip out the tunnel and disappear.
Now that we are all infected what will we do? Tesla contacts Kevin. I talk with Montra whom fled at the ghost’s wails – she is going to look for some mages outside town whom can help us. A few hours later Montra returns with a few mages in tow whom strangely enough have Detect and Cure Green Death Zombie disease! What a coincidence! The mages are kind enough to write the spells down on scrolls for us to learn after curing us. The kids return home to their parents and we return to the drudgery of waiting inside an inn to hear back from Kevin.



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