Blugar's World

Griffin Glands (part 3)

Jax’s Journal

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is a commodity. I already explained to the group how just walking into the Guild Magic Store allows them to scan a person. I need to have a talk with the group about talking with others as well. Barrett, Asta, Margine they are just so damn trusting – I’m not even sure trusting is the word to use. Ok I should expect that from Margine but Barrett? Asta? Maybe gullible is a better word?
It continued to rain all day after our fight with the griffins. And after clearing loot from the griffin nests we packed up and headed back to the Inn outside Workstail. Again fairly miserable for the group with the exception of Missy and I whom remained dry. Camping that night Kevin and I volunteered to take first watch. We switched four hours later with Barrett and Asta. I swear I just fell asleep when Montra woke me with a cry of alarm. Stumbling out of my tent all I could get from people was that a big bright flash of light illuminated the forest from the direction we came earlier in the day. Barrett was already stumbling off in that general direction in the dark. Crazy fool overconfident bard is going to get himself killed one of these days! I call Montra to my shoulder and she leads me through the dark woods so I can catch up with Barrett.
Barrett wants to investigate the flash of light and noise that accompanied it. Nothing I said could convince him otherwise. Until I explained to him that there was no one left in camp to protect us. At that point he conceded and accompanied me back to camp. Returning to camp we quickly packed up our things and continued our hike back to Workstail in the dark. Yes it was still raining…
We arrived early in the afternoon of the next day – Kevin and I were dog tired. We went to our room and passed out while Missy watched over us and our loot. The rest of the group eager to turn in the griffin glands headed out to the Guild Magic Store.
Again I was rudely awoken! This time someone wanted to buy a griffin egg for 10,000gp – an egg in any state – dead or alive it would seem. I told the group if someone’s going to offer you 10,000gp for the egg I was going to be allowed to research by all means hell yea sell it! Seriously I didn’t tell the group this but; I wasn’t really going to do anything with it anyway – I’d have frozen it, preserved it and kept it as a memento. Apparently while Kevin and I slept the word spread that we had not only griffin eggs but manticore tails. Prospective buyers were lining up for both!
Asta, Lina and Margine cut a deal with the Oberhardt’s for their griffin eggs and future training while I slept. Good for them I think to myself. I hope it all works out. The three of them were gone for several days. That left Kevin, Barrett, Missy and I to guard our loot. Barrett made a killing for the innkeeper singing downstairs. Kevin thankfully hung out with me most of the time while Missy and Barrett swapped in and out.
A woman by the name of Sally expressed interest in one manticore tail. Apparently Lina told her it would cost 10 million gold for just one! That’s pretty funny considering that they probably for 500gp or so. Sally offered me 2 mithril for just one! Crazy price but as I stated at the start of this journal entry – knowledge is power. Knowledge is a commodity. I asked for knowledge in exchange for the tail – arcane knowledge. She came back the next day with a dragon skin bound book. A “storybook” she called it – most assuredly magical. The first page started with a picture of the group and griffins… Missy was practically drooling over it! Seems like a good trade to me – done deal. I assured Missy she could read it after I identified and examined it first.
For the next day or so I identified a few of the magical items retrieved from the griffin nests. I examined many of the items both magically and non-magically. Again, the knowledge in knowing how an object was made, its history, can be just as interesting as the enchantments on the item itself. Three items I make note of in my journal for their extraordinary… uniqueness…

  • A black sword – this sword has never seen a forge! It has no weapon smith marks on it or anything to indicate it was crafted. It “just feels right”. It’s a vampiric blade – but there is more to this… It is evil, must be careful.
  • A mithril shield – the shield itself is a marvel! Almost wafer thin it’s approximately 2-3 pure mithril pieces. The kicker however is that it was forged by dwarves! Mind boggling – my entire time in the Jenkins clan and I was told that only Jenkins hold the secret to forging mithril! I must examine this further – the smith whom crafted this was a master! Perhaps I could find him learn more…
  • A black trident – made of star metal! It absorbs spells cast at it. Again no weapon smith mark on it however the handle is carved in great detail. I must examine it further…

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get to all of the items. As a group we’re headed back to the cave we saw the leprechaun in a few days back. “Delvers of the Deep” here I come!



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