Blugar's World

Kenzie Journal Entry 1

I have decided to start a journal so that when I compose my memoirs I will have a reference.
Journal entry 1, date xxx

Today Jax Jenkins approached me and the… I am not sure what to call them. Lets go with Scooby Gang (SG) for now. Apparently there is a group of brigands who are interrupting trade between our town and the next. No one so far has any leads.
We decided to lure the brigands to us. Asta, Barret and I left that evening in the wrong direction and circle around and then meet up with the rest of the gang in the morning.
We met up and Barret and I entered the wagon, Asta… went somewhere. Dang silly undisciplined girl.
A few hours into our travel we came upon a tree over the road and stopped. I heard a commotion outside and exited the wagon upon hearing a threatening voice. I exited to be quickly surrounded by four ocs and a large half orc. I began dispatching such inferior foes quickly and when nearly done a large four armed demon approached me and made demands upon my soul.
As a stranger to this world I have little idea what such a demon is but from my growing up in Japan I have a strong idea of what such a creature is and what it wants from a virgin such as myself. I attack it with much resolve to end it from existence before it assaults me. I chop off a few limbs, It strikes me, I am hit by some energy wave and then smash it’s skull in only to have it explode!

I am victorious over the Demon!


Willy Katelyn

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