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Missy-Adventures: A Brief respite

Dear Journal,

I find people very odd. They slogged through the rain and mud despite my offers to carry them. Jax has his own weather shield so was fine, Barret forge through the muck and rain almost like it was a rite of passage and the rest just endured. That night there was a tremendous explosion of light coming from where we had battled the Manticore’s and Griffin’s .

Anyway, we got back to the Inn. Jax and Rodney tried to sleep and then Asta of all people came to get me to help with a negotiation regarding the eggs which I have clearly made clear on numerous occasions we should have destroyed. What is wrong with Asta! I have made my point very, very clear on this subject and she still tries to involve me. Is she mentally damaged!?

Jax and Kevin. They sleep happily under my protection. Well until Jax was awoken by Barret’s singing and then he went to help Lina with something briefly. I finished my Sculpture of Misha Hansa, my finest sculpture yet I might add. I will give it to Barret, since he was the one who secured our lodgings with Misha Hansa, so he can present it to Misha Hansa on our way past new Fendeo with our guilds thanks. Perhaps the Hansa’s will have wondrous quests for us in the future!

A True Cleric of Dixon visited me. We had a wonderful dialog but I could not go with him that day. He was looking for Asta but she was not available, probably to the cleric’s betterment. The next day I did go with the cleric to visit the Dixon Library in town and it contained much knowledge! I wish I could stay here for weeks and study but the rest of my group has another adventure planned.


Willy Katelyn

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