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Missy Adventures Another Rabbit Hole

Dearest Diary, why won’t you speak to me? I guess because you are nothing more than just a book. I must confess that I was hoping for more.
Anyways. When we got back to Southern Cross from all that horrid Griffin stuff I had several weeks to visit with all of the former members of the Adventurers Guild. The stories Barret’s parents told! And to read about magic, I never knew I had the talent to be a wizard! Or is it witch? I have read many stories about how both terms are evil so a am a fizzle! I am a good fizzle who learns good magic. Oh right, on with the newest adventure.
We are off on a new adventure to Anchor City to thwart slavers. A wonderful cause in my opinion! Kevin has gone in in disguise to gather more information. Sadly the rest of us have just been hanging out in a tavern. I mean I have gotten good studying time in on magic and how to be a good fizzle. But I must confess I do crave adventure.
Barret stormed into the room where the rest of us were staying. I still think of Barret as that very rude donkey from when we first met. He certainly is as abrupt. Lena and Jax were in the room with me. Jax, well he is kinda cute but rather aloof and does tend to talk with himself… I have tried to make friends with Lena but she seems rather shy and she is into owls and not cats and dogs.
Sorry Diary, back to the adventure. Barret stormed in with news that some child had asked for our help saving his friend. Of course we would help! Jax seemed unsure but I ran outside with Barret to meet the young boy asking our help. After answering our questions he led us through a secret tunnel under the town wall and to the “Tree’s” as he called them. An ancient catacombs it would seem.
The “Tree’s” date back over 600 years when State purged the area of any technological advancement. In their day this was a thriving metropolis.
We got to the fifth tree, I believe it was, and where the young tunnel rats had burrowed a tunnel to what they believed would be treasure. Treasure was not what they had found but instead a horrific event. During their burrowing the tunnel rats had found a sign in many languages but in our said contagion. Not sure exactly what that means.
We, well me first as I have my mental protections, descended down the tunnel the tunnel rats had dug. Tunnels? Why are all of my adventures around tunnels? I rarely have read about adventures and tunnels but that seems to be all my adventures are about… Sorry Diary, was digressing.
I came to the end of the tunnel and where the “cork” was and I pushed it open only to be sucked into a chamber of entities. I confess I was momentarily startled when I was suddenly in the center of a room filled with two dozen creatures that were probably going to try to eat my flesh from my warm body.
Oddly the entities did not directly attack me. I kept feeling a pulling sensation to the ancient iron cage in the room but I fought it off. I saw several of my adventuring companions not fare so well and were sucked into the cage which then closed upon them.
I heard some words then all of the apparitions, as I realized they were ghosts, chanted “Jailer” in many languages. In my concern for my fellow adventurers I assaulted the iron cage holding my fellow adventurers with all of my will. As I began such Barret began singing loudly in quite a clear and penetrating voice and everyone and everything seemed to stop. In my focus to free my fellow adventurers I paid it little mind until I had ripped the ancient cage apart to release my fellow adventurers so they were released.



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