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Missy-Adventures: Manticores and Griffons oh my!

Dear Journal, my first “adventure” if you can call it that has been most unpleasant. We left Workstail to go find the Griffons. Wait! Before I start I need to note that a few evenings ago Barret came to me and offered an apology regarding his most impolite rudeness towards me since we met. He seemed rather sincere and gave reasons as to why he acted as he did. I told him he needs to learn control and to compartmentalize things. Even though you realize the squishy feeling between your toes is regurgitated fish left by a cat, one should not take it out on a friendly dog trying to lick your cheek in happy greeting. I have decided to accept his apology this time and I do hope he learns to control himself.

Back to the Griffons. There were also Manticores sadly. I have had to make a rather stark distinction between Animals and Magical Creatures as they are decidedly not the same. Whereas a hungry grizzly bear can be reasoned with, Magical Creatures cannot! They are mean, vicious, rude, deceitful and so forth.

I have typically had good relations with people and animals but of late I am finding I need to re-evaluate words I have only read about and what their true meaning may be as to when you meet someone or something that could be classified as such. For example in an earlier journal entry I thought I had an idea how to classify the word “hate” in regards to Barret but I now have to completely re-think how I felt and what word would be appropriate. I now think “dislike” would have been more appropriate at the time. I do not think that simple words can accurately give measure to such things. I will have to give this more thought. For example let me start with a scale of 1 to 10, I think dislike would be a two and hate would be an 8 and I do not know what word would accurately describe a ten.
On the thought of quantifying things I have found that in my accumulated knowledge of monsters nothing seems very quantified. An example on this is “A Griffon is strong,” “On a special moon event a Griffon is very strong!” But what does that mean? This does nothing to help me evaluate the true threat provided by these Magical Creatures. How does this help quantify anything regarding the strength of a Griffon on a special moon event. I observed they were able to fly and throw large boulders. These boulders were too heavy for me to pick up but one had split in half and I was able to lift half a boulder. I know that the average weight of a slink fish if five pounds and I can pick up one hundred to one hundred and a quarter slink fishes at a time in a net, the net itself weighs about a hundred pounds. This would indicate that the griffons can carry boulders in the range of at least 1000 to 1450 pounds. This is an important fact that should be noted.

Manticores have also lived up to my new species classification of Monsters, I mean Magical Creatures and are just as vile, no not vile as that may be the best word for a ten and the Manticores were not that bad but bad none the less. Anyway, the Griffons proved to be basically Monsters. We were first attacked by some Manticors which proved to be monsters as well. I tried to tell them to go away or we would be forced to hurt them but they would not listen to reason. I felt rather bad for them as we had to kill them, well not me thankfully! Lena and Jax have a very interesting spell which causes a creatures very own shadow to animate and attack its owner! It was most impressive, and would show its value even more when we later fought the Griffons.

Despite my apprehension regarding Barret as a person and his moral competency he is quite impressive in combat based on what I have not observed. When we fought the Manticors he first vanished then suddenly Manticore heads practically fell off. I knew where everyone was but Barret so it must have been his handiwork. Later when fighting the Griffons he must have done well as he killed two all by himself with only one, rather nasty, claw rip through his blood soaked armor.

Speaking of soaked, the weather the second day was miserable! Flying in that wind was a pain especially with trying to keep half a dozen griffons chasing me. I am very glad for my shied as it kept me nice and dry. Jax has something similar. Unfortunately the rest of my fellow adventurers looked very miserable and completely soaked reminding me of Jarl one of my cats when he got in an argument with Rufford one of my dogs and jumped off the dock and swam to shore, such a wet miserable creature had I not seen until seeing my fellow adventurers.

Speaking of Adventurers, when I led the party to a cave to spend out the night possibly awaiting a Griffon ambush we were set upon by one of the dreaded Postal Clan! I practically… well that is not something I will write down. But my only run in’s with the dreaded Postal Clan to date have carried news of first my mother’s death and second my father’s death. The news I fearfully expected was very unexpected. Somehow two other members of the Southern Cross Adventurers Guild had “mailed” themselves to us. After some socializing with each other Barret introduced me to the new people, Kevin and Margene. They are not new as they are full members of the Adventurers Guild and I am the new one but in this context they are new to be joining up with the rest of us on this hunt. Hunt is sadly the best word as Barret reminded the rest that the Adventurers Guild had agreed to this, I wish I had been at that meeting as I would have done my best to not undertake this adventure.
That said Dear Journal, while I do not at all like this adventure we are on in my studies I do know what a reputation is. If we wish to become a successful Adventurers Guild then we cannot fail in our adventures that we commit to else we cannot move on and help others. We are an Adventurers Guild, we have one adventure then another adventure and so on. Some adventures are simply roads to other more significant adventures. So I have read and hope. As I said Journal this was a most unpleasant adventure I nearly cried at the next event I need to document… Sorry Journal I hope my tears have not stained you. The morning of the second day, the weather was miserable with torrential rain. The group wanted to rethink what we should do. We had only half a day to complete our adventure and most of the group wanted to change direction and follow down the hold the silly Leprechaun had gone down. From my previous exploration that was going to be a twisted maze of tunnels and may lead nowhere and would not help us fulfill our adventure in any way. All but Barret wanted to go explore the caves soddenly, I could see Barret was suddenly becoming disolusioned with the group’s sudden change. And people were suddenly looking at me, and I love animals I did not like this adventure to start with. The Sothern Cross Adventurers Guild did not hesitate to destroy the vile unholy monster which murdered my father and possessed his body. How dare they balk now in completing the adventure they agreed upon? I feel sick to my stomach recanting this but I had to speak up, I mean this is the Adventurers Guild, they committed to an adventure. Did they balk at removing the head of the creature inhabiting my father’s body? No! I don’t recall exactly what I said or how much of that sentiment I recanted but we went off to face the Griffons and won.

An aside, I may no longer be a probationary member of the Adventurers Guild as suddenly there was a vote and I guess now I am an actual full member? I am unsure of this as when Barret came to talk to me the other night most of his issue was with various protocols and such and while there was a vote I am not sure. When I get back to Southern Cross I will prepare a proper basket to prepare a dinner and visit Brianna and Errol Tennison who are Trustees of the Adventurers Guild to introduce myself and get this matter cleared up properly.

On another side note I have read many times of people fighting like “cats and dogs” and I think this statement is most inaccurate. I have sat and listened to many disputes between cats and dogs, and many other animals too, and none are so rude and heated as humans. If I ever hear that statement uttered by a human I will have to correct them that, “No, you are fighting like humans. Cats and Dogs are far more civil.”

Good night Journal, I need my sleep.



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