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Griffon Adventure From Another Point of View

Joint report on activities of Group 342312A34 in relation to Experiment 32BZ89A

  1. This joint report is a compilation of Ground Observation Group 87A29, Ground Operative Groups 38Y43 and 20YY39, and Lab Group 39AD32.
  2. Experiment 32BZ89A (hear after referenced as “the experiment”) is a colonist-preserving effort to eliminate a general threat. The experiment sought to reduce the threat posed by predator 83AP32 known as “Griffon” or “Gryphon”. Lab Group 39AD32 introduced a genetically modified strain of e.coli strain 323345 to a clump of these creatures through Asset JHM89 (deceased). The experiment was terminated unexpectedly.
  3. Ground Operative Group 38Y43 had a surface request from Asset BOB4739 and Asset HKP392 to track colonists in social group 43NCAD20. The group was a level 37 threat level with both psi, magic, pagan and clan influences. Members of the group who were in this group as it travelled:
  4. Ground Observation Group 87A29 had no difficulty tracking their movements for 6 days by horse-animal pulled vehicle. They left the vehicle and traveled on foot to the site of the experiment. See file 3920394023832 for movement trace details.
  5. Asset NGS98999 provided a copy of a report on most of their ground activities at the experiment site. The experimental clump had symbiotic relations with a clump of predator 98AP22 known as “Manticore”. This clump was wiped out by the humans with no loss of life. It should be noted that NSF325674323456 used psi powers provide a force field and to lift the bodies into the air. The experimental clump devoured them. NSF325674323456 may have been tipped off to the nature of the experiment and deliberately destroyed the symbiotic creatures to prevent samples from being obtained to see if the bacteria had spread. However clever she was, the tails of these creatures were collected by NSM231293029371 before disposal.
  6. The group left the site of the experiment, most on foot as their location rotated into dark. It is unknown where they went. They returned as the site rotated into light. A separate sub-group of the social group arrived with them:
  7. After revealing their plan to the local member of clan group NR234, they lured a 6 of the experimental clump to their death. Due to severe weather conditions, the reports aren’t as clear as they need to be in the details. It is difficult to believe they could succeed without the experiment playing some factor, especially where our earlier attempt failed. See report GO32A341239 for more details.
  8. A sub-group assaulted the hilltop site and wiped out the remains of the experimental clump. They collected eggs and left offspring alive.
  9. Ground assault group Delta5 arrived during the next dark period to collect samples and cauterize the area. Lab Group 39AD32 is thankful for their cooperation and is analyzing these samples.

Action Items:

  1. Tissue samples from the Maticores need to be obtained. NSM231293029371 has these. Ground Operative Group is to direct assets to collect these samples.
  2. Social group 43NCAD20 should have its threat level increased by at least 7. The addition of NSF325674323456 and the capability to decimate the experimental clump weigh heavily in favor of this. Ground Operations should share this with key assets.
  3. The group seems to trust members of clan group NR234. This should be noted in the file and used in conjunction with Ground Operations in the future.
  4. Ground Operations should collect ballads from NSM320930291237, and make separate inquiries through pagan group NG17 for finer details on the battle. The experiment results need to be tested.
  5. One of the eggs needs to be collected to see if the bacteria successfully passed to the offspring. Ground Operations should spare no expense.
  6. Exposure to e.coli strain 323345 should have no effect on humans. NSF593910394593 is to be observed for infection, as she was injured by both the Manticores and the Gryfons. If possible, a blood sample should be obtained. If she attempts to contact pagan group NG11, all efforts should be made to obtain a blood sample before this occurs.



Status Report

My guess regarding what thrust Bill into hysterics is the fact that we just introduced a strain of e.coli into the nursery of the Oberhardt gryphon squads (which would then at some point get into the gryphons not in the nursery, infecting their entire gryphon population, including the breeding supply. In this regard, we could have direly affected the entire gryphon cavalry program housed in Workstail. Even worse if they move gryphons around for strategic purposes, or if it spreads via the trainers (as carriers due to prolonged exposure) to other animal food sources. The overall effects to Workstail could be devastating, not just to the gryphon contingency.

I could be wrong though.

43NCAD20 = Adventurer’s Guild (threat level 44)
NSF392039203945 = Asta
NSM320930291237 = Barret
NSM231293029371 = Jax
NSF593910394593 = Lina
NSF325674323456 = Missy
NSF320391920123 = Margene
NSM478293829311 = Kevin

NGS98999 = National Geographic guy
NR234 = National Geographic clan group
NG17 = Dixon pagan group
NG11 = Bonig pagan group

Status Report

So I guess Meagan was right after all to have Lina ask for $10,000,000.

Status Report

If you had asked for 10,000,000, they would have hired a hit squad to kill everyone for 1,000,000. And burned the building. And dressed as Hansas or Oberhardts just to throw everyone on the wrong trail.

As for who was who, mostly accurate. Mostly

Of course, this post could be completely a red herring.

Status Report

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