Blugar's World

The Berry Festival

The new members of the Adventurer’s Guild which I have now been attached to for various reasons were invited to the annual Blackberry Festival. I have been told I should wear a formal dress so dislike this event already. Thankfully Badger is a tailor and was able to adjust something to fit me with the few gold I have.

On the two day trip to Wilki where the event is to be held twice our group was found by postal carriers. The first delivery was to Falls Quickly and the second to myself.

We arrived before the event started prepared ourselves. Upon entering I was most… dismayed that they insisted I check my swords. I nearly just left right then and there but there were other reasons I remained.

Soon after entering I was approached by a heavily armed man who was the head of security for the current ruling Clan. He seemed interested in who I was so I proudly proclaimed myself and my Clan.

Throughout the night I noticed Margene and Leena disappear, no doubt with some male suitors.

There was a surprise, as I gathered, entrance by the twins; the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess of the Empire. I frankly did not care much until the Crown Prince came and danced with me! I have only danced on a DDR machine so had no idea what to do so tried to play along. I know I failed but he was good enough to cover for us both. He then began to ask about me and my Clan and I explained it to him. He seemed most intrigued and wanted to assist me in properly establishing my Clan.

After the Galla event we all, who are still at the party, head back to the Inn and bed. In the morning we head out back to Southern Cross. Along the way we encounter patrols looking for someone but I do not catch much as to who. We camp for the night in an odd off the road place. It is here that I realize we have been transporting an escaped slave and the prince Carl!

I wish to speak out but it seems many of the Adventurers Guild are in on this and I decide not to speak and let the event pass. Clearly this group is not the honest group I thought it was… Then again when I was 18 I snuck out many times myself so who am I to judge.


Willy Katelyn

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