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The Blackberry festival

Lina’s journal
July 21, 2012
I have joined an adventurer group with six other people but before we could join we had to take a test. There is kenzi who I don’t know that well except for the fact that she comes from earth, Margine she is all about unity and community so she tries to talk to the monsters before attacking them which seems a little odd, Kevin who is a swords man does a lot of eye gouging, Asta is a sorceress but other than that I don’t much about her. I think I should spend more time getting to know everybody better. Then there is also Jax who reminds me of jack frost because jax produces cold air around himself he is also a sorcerer, and last of all there is Barret who is really nice he has a passion for singing and likes to make sure he is doing something his mother and father would like so the others call him mommy’s boy but he is still really nice. Any way we were all invited to go to the blackberry festival so we headed to Wilkie were it was held it was a two day trip to the town. So we stopped for the night, our driver for our wagon ,Ernie had an uncle that owned a place that we could stay at but it looked really run down so I decided to go with Jax, Margine, and Barret to the nicer hotel. After dinner Jax started to hallucinate thinking he saw himself so he went and sat down next to an empty chair and started to talk to it, than he asked us if we saw him but we said no I think he just needed a good night’s sleep. The next morning we set off again to the town. When we got there we had just enough time to get washed up and ready for the festival. When we arrived at the castle where it was being held a man asked us to show our invitation to the party. Then he asked if any of us were part of any clans so than he could announce what clans were from or something. The man turned to Margine and I and asked if we are looking to get married because the prince will be dancing with the ladies looking for marriage Margine said yes so I decided to try it and see how it turned out. So we started to head down the stairs into the ballroom this was not my image of a blackberry festival I pictured different kinds of foods that involved blackberries but I didn’t see a single blackberry in the room so this really confused me. I saw Jax standing off to the side he didn’t seem to like parties that much so I walked over to him and talked with him until it was my turn to dance with the prince. Dancing with the prince was pretty fun I was just hoping I wouldn’t mess up like step on his toes or something. After that I kind of just stood to the side watching everyone else dance. Until I overheard Margine and the prince talking about how to sneak the prince outside to see his, well true love at least that’s one way to put it so I asked if I could help sense I had nothing better to do. So I learned that the prince loved the servant and he wanted to marry her. Margine said that she is not going to be able to go outside because there our royal guards outside that already found her wondering outside once and gave her a warning not to come back outside again. So I suggested my owl to go outside and look around but the prince had a better plan he turned Margine into a dog and Margine chased my owl around outside, and I said to the guards it was my dog and I have to go get her and the prince disguised himself as a servant coming to come help me catch my dog the plan worked really well I think. Anyway the prince got to see his girl so he turned Margine back into her normal self she would not be able to get back into the party. The prince turned himself into a wagon driver and went to play some games with them. I might have a chance of getting back into the party so I walked back to the door the guards looked at me curiously “Where is your dog?” One of the guards asked. I told them that I was not able to catch my dog but the servant is still trying too. They thought about it for a couple minutes and then told me I would not be a loud to go back inside so I walked away. Then I had an idea maybe the prince could turn me into a fly and I could fly into the castle unnoticed, without thinking much about the plan I headed off to go get the prince. When I got to the area where all the wagon drivers were sitting I walked out into plain site they all stared at me, I pointed to the prince who was disguised as a wagon driver and asked if I could see him. Instead Ernie got up and walked toward me he asked me if something was wrong with the wagon I said no, than he asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell him, this made me all nervous so I just said no again than he walked away. I walked away feeling guilty that I almost gave everybody away. A little while later a man walked up to me and told me I can go back inside. I went home with Margine and kevin everybody was wondering where Margine and I went.


Willy AstralGirl

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