Asta Charles

Dixon cleric


Physical Description

  • Female
  • Age 18
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Color: White
  • Religion: Dixon (cleric)
  • Marital Status: Single, but is sure she will marry a prince eventually
  • Father: Nicholas Charles
  • Mother: Nora Charles

Notable & Obvious Advantages

  • Combat reflexes
  • Enhanced tracking (many)
  • Fit
  • High pain threshold
  • Photographic memory
  • Weapon Master (Katana)

Notable & Obvious Disadvantages

  • Curious
  • Duty to help improve mankind, other followers of Dixon & Dixon in general, and adventuring companions
  • Easy to read
  • Impulsive
  • Light sleeper
  • Truthful
  • Weirdness magnet
  • Xenophilia

OK, let’s start the interview
How does it work?
Oh, it’s a simple question/answer session. Just be yourself.
Great, I’m really good at that. How long have you been doing interviews?
Oh, several years now. My first interview was in the year—
Cool. Why did you decide to do interviews?
Honestly, I needed the money, and it seemed like a good way to earn it while meeting lots of people, travel, —
Sounds like a great job. Maybe I should do it, too. Oh, but I’ve already got that whole adventuring thing I’m starting with my soon-to-be best friends. Plus, I’m spreading the word of Dixon and doing good works for him as a Dixon cleric. Hey, have you joined Dixon?
Well, of course, since I am from Dixon Monthly. Look, I really think we should start the interview, and—
Haven’t we been doing it already? Hey, there’s my Mom. Let’s see if she has any questions for you. [Yells] Hey, Mom! Come Over here!
Yes, dear?
I’m doing an interview with this guy from Dixon Monthly. Do you have any questions for him?
That’s quite all right. Besides, I’m sure you’ll tell me if he says anything fascinating. Ha ha ha ha… [Continues to laugh somewhat hysterically as she wanders off.]
Oh well. What were we talking about?
Starting the inter—
Oh yeah. Dixon. Hey, you’re wearing a Dixon pin, too. What’s yours made of?
Tin, I think. But really—
Interesting. I’m going to have to study metallurgy soon because it’s just so exciting. But there are so many fun things to learn about, right? Do you know how they make these pins?
No, but I really think we should get back on tr—
Wow, yet another thing to learn about. Hey, has that vein on your forehead always been throbbing like that? And why is it so red?
Look, the inter—
[A student wanders in.] Asta, Professor Tweedelmeister is going to teach us some more about herbs in the woods. Do you want to come?
Oh sure, I’m just finishing up this interview here. Well, it was great to meet you. I think this whole interviewing went really well, don’t you? Thanks for taking the time doing it with me! See you later! [Asta leaves.]
Wait! Oh, !#&#, she’s already gone! [Several minutes of language not appropriate for this family publication follows.]

Asta Charles

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