Kevin Larson

Good Looking Fast Talking dude


Kevin is a good looking man. Some Italian characteristics: dark hair, darker complexion, etc..
Looks to be about 6’ high and about 180lbs.

Usually in nicer but well fitted clothes.

When traveling in dangerous lands, He wears leather armor and carries a rapier.


Kevin Larson grew up in Anchor City. He worked for The Bisio family were a long standing businessman owners of a very well respected store (Called Mario’s) that sold fine clothes. They had 2 stores, one for men’s clothing and one for ladies. He helped in the store and with his good looks and charismatic personality he did quite well and was very popular with the ladies. He was frequently invited to parties for those he young ladies he helped serve.

From this he gained skills like:

Tailoring, Fashion, salesmanship, and also gained insight into the dealings and working of the upper class (i.e. etiquette or the like) along with some other skills. This also provided a huge honing of his smooth talking skills.

When he was seventeen, the shops were closed and he went to West branch of the university of New Hope and studied for a few years.

We was recommended to the Adventures Guild in Southern Cross. He has learned more about combat and has traveled more.

Kevin Larson

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