Lina Inverse

Brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, and light skin.


I have dark brown hair, hazel eyes,light skin. Im 18 years old and im an orphan and my parents died when I was 5.


Lina Inverse
Interviewer: Soo you’re the menace everyone calls Lina Inverse.
Lina: Menace! Who told you that?
Interviewer: Huh huh the town’s people told me you weren’t such a well how should I put this a fare person.
Lina: Fare! Fare! I’m fare!
Interviewer: Anyway let’s get back to the point. So what do you do for a living?
Lina: Now your talking, I am the beautiful sorceress Lina Inverse the bandit killer.
Interviewer: So you kill bandits and take their money.
Lina: Yep! (Lina winks)
Interviewer: So what is your family like I heard you have sister?
Lina: My family, (Lina sighs) well I’m guessing you’re going to ask about my childhood next so let me just tell you the whole story. When I was a little girl my parents died of a disease that didn’t have a cure to it yet. So as you would expect my older sister took over and became very bossy if I did something wrong she would wring my neck until I couldn’t breathe, o and she is also a sorceress. So being tired of listening to my sister I ran away and became known as Lina Inverse the bandit killer.
Interviewer: You have a huh very interesting past.
Lina: O well that’s not everything that I did that was just a section of it, would you like to hear the rest? Well of course you would.
Interviewer: huh ok.
Lina: Well first off I met some people called Gaurry who is the well, was the owner of the sword of light, than I met Zelgodis who used to be my enemy but now is one of my friends got turned into a kamara by the red priest Rezo, and then I met Amelia who is the princess of Saruum. And now we all travel together.
Interviewer: Well that’s and interesting story you have, well thank you Lina for letting interview you.
Lina: O that’s all right.

Lina Inverse

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