Lucky Necklace

Giffon loot


Each charm on a Lucky Seven Necklace has the power to
avert one blow or damaging effect that would, if the wearer
knew about it, admit an active defense. It works against a
strike from any side – even a surprise attack. A single charm
can deflect all shots fired as a rapid-fire ranged attack, but each
hit in melee combat requires its own charm. As well, the
Necklace has no effect on area, cone, or explosion attacks, or
spells other than Melee and Missile spells.
When an attack that qualifies would hit the wearer, roll
against the Necklace’s “active defense” of 15. Success means
the blow is averted as if the user had blocked, dodged, or parried,
whichever would be most favorable. Failure means nothing
happens; the owner may still defend normally if the attack
would allow that. Critical failure means the strike is almost
warded, and the user learns this too late to defend (if he gets
tricky and always defends just in case, he ducks into the path
of the blow).
Any result but a critical success vaporizes one charm; critical
success prevents a hit without expending a charm. After all
seven charms are used up, the Necklace isn’t just useless but
worthless. The user cannot prevent the charms from triggering!
To save his lucky charms, he must remove the necklace.


Lucky Necklace

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