Blugar's World

Griffin Glands (part 2)

Jax’s Journal

As a youngster i grew up reading penny dreadful’s – i’m not ashamed to admit it. Every chance I got I went to the trading post in search of a new read. “Amazing Adventures”, “Delvers of the Deep” and “Wilderness Explorers” were amongst a few of my favorites! Exciting stories of “fictional adventure” that any “real” scholar in a college or university totally dismisses as complete garbage – thus the term ‘penny dreadful’. I realize now that they lacked a few details in these adventures:
• How difficult it can be without a leader to gain consensus in a group and even agree upon a plan
• How disorganized combat can be even with the most detailed of plans
• How much traveling and fighting opponents in foul weather really sucks!
• Never, never fight griffins under full moons – we were warned and didn’t listen – if my journal should ever leave my hands and be found by another – trust me just don’t do it!

After dispatching the manticore Missy lead us to a cave to hole up in case the griffins attacked at night. A couple of griffins did follow us to the cave. It was getting dark very quickly and my weather sense told me that we were in for a major storm tomorrow. The cave we found was at the end of a dried up stream bed – not good. In the event of a torrential down pour the cave would not be a safe place for us. The cave was empty and went back several yards ending in a hole where any water that might flow in would travel down. We briefly explored the cave below to ensure nothing would attack us from behind and found a large system of caves. Very cool – I can totally see how the “Delvers of the Deep” would be all over this! But our primary goal at the moment was to secure the cave and defend ourselves against the griffins for the night.

Oh I forgot to mention that Kevin and Margine joined us – apparently they mailed themselves “special delivery” to Barrett. The journey from Southern Cross to us 7 days away took them a day! Wow that’s amazing – wonder how the postal clan does that…

After literally hours of arguing, I mean planning – we settled in to the cave. It’s important to note that one should never underestimate another’s intelligence – even if it’s a base animal intelligence! Barrett stood outside the cave wide open and sang – he’s way too over confident. While the rest of us camped inside the cave he provided the griffins target practice! The griffins tossed at least half a dozen boulders at him! These boulders were so big not even Missy could lift them! Crazy thing happen too – one of the boulders split in half and a leprechaun popped out. I couldn’t believe it – one of the wee folk from myth! He looked directly at me very seriously and said “I have some information for you.” Then his eyes wandered upon my bastard sword and he says “I’ll tell you for your magic sword!” Unfortunately I tell him my sword is not magical and I’m bound to it. He looks at Missy standing next to me and says “Ok, how about your bag?” No deal she says. He shrugs his shoulders and jumps down the hole at the end of the cave! That was weird – how did he get into the boulder? Margine thinks a whole community of little people lives down that hole now. Could be I suppose… We’ll have to go look later.

We survive the night and morning confirmed my suspicion of the weather – it did indeed suck. Again after many hours of planning we trudged back to the clearing where we fought the manticore and prepare to fight the griffins. Long story short – we kill the griffins – notable efforts by Barrett, Missy and Lina. The only two people injured were Barrett and Lina. Seriously never fight griffins when the moons are full!

The group decided to kill all griffins and take any un-hatched eggs. I lobbied for us to leave as there were 4 griffins still in the nest. My pleas fell on deaf ears. I understand these creatures are monsters. I understand they are a menace. But I’d hate to be known or associated as an individual or group that drove a species to extinction! I’m thrilled at have a few griffins to study and evaluate but I have no desire to slaughter them all. Such was not the will of the group…

In the end we slew 10 adult griffins, several young and took 7 eggs from the nests. There was an assorted amount of loot from the nests as well – we will catalog and identify this later. Asta was kind enough to provide me with knowledge for properly skinning animals and taxidermy before I carved them up and removed the glans. I’d like as much of the griffin intact as possible for further study. Mental Note: We should stuff one of these griffins and place it in the entrance hall of the Adventurers Guild.

Asta determined that the eggs we’ve taken will hatch in 5 days! We’re at least 6 from Southern Cross! I gather the griffin parts and we make haste to Worksdale. At Worksdale Barrett, Kevin and I agree to drive the wagon back to Southern Cross with all the griffin body parts and loot. Missy, Asta, Lina and Margine make haste for Southern Cross with the intent of trying to sell a few eggs as they hatch and perhaps gain a hatchling for their own.

Journey to the gryphons
Found in Barret's journal

Dear journal,

I’m off on another task. Like several of the others so far, we’ve been hired to solve a problem. That’s not actually true; we’ve been hired to harvest parts from gryphons, but given the danger that they pose, I see it as solving a problem – a threat to travelers. We leave in the morning. Oddly, the random person off the street will be coming with us too. This is unbelievable. I will need to have a stern word with the Steward about procedures and staff. First, no one answered the door when she arrived – where the heck were the staff? You know, the ones who are paid to do that kind of thing? We were discussing the assignment in the war room, on a different floor, and I had to go answer the door. There was no one to show her around, as was done for us, and worse, the steward completely broke protocol. There was no test for her to pass. Why did she get an exception? I grew up in this town, everyone who lives here knows how much I train (even still), my parents are on the board of trustees, and yet even I didn’t warrant an exception, yet someone that nobody knows, who walks in off the street, gets special considerations? Clearly things are getting lax while not having a guildmaster. I shall have to speak to the board about that. Don’t get me wrong, the newcomer might very well be top notch material, but procedures are in place for a reason.

Update: We stayed at Elsie’s in New Fandeo last night. It was good, we spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other. She might very well be the one for me. I’m concerned that she is fearful of the gryphons. She made some really good points about them, and has convinced me against getting a gryphon mount, but I would think that training her whole life, as she has stated, should have prepared her for fighting gryphons. I mean, really, they’re basically just winged tigers. Orcs are more clever, being sentient beings rather than superior animals. Sure, they may be tough, but they are still just animals. It’s not like I said we were hunting a dragon. Any ways, the dinner was good and the company was wonderful. The newcomer, Missy, told a story about New Fandeo cavalry troops. It was quite good in the content, but the delivery was too dry. Perhaps I’ll talk to her about it. I think she could make a good bard if she worked on her presentation skills.

Update: We arrive in Workstail tonight, and will head off to find gryphons afterwards. The moons are in the right positions to harvest the glands, so we will need to make haste. I spoke with Missy at the inn last night. I apologized for my inappropriate behavior when we first met, explaining the circumstances that led to my frustrations, which were unjustly aimed at her. She seemed to understand, and accepted my apology. She really knows a lot about stuff that makes for great bard songs and stories, and even knows a lot about my parents! She was making a song, which used some of my music as a base. She seemed to think it was wrong to do so, but I think it’s good; many a bard started by working with someone else’s material. She’s even open to learning about how be a storyteller. She did mention that she was surprised that I was more interested in teaching than the cleric of Dixon. I told her that’s just Asta. She’s not very interested in teaching, she just has a voracious appetite for knowledge. Any ways, it went well with Missy, and she seems like someone that could eventually be a good friend. Smart too, and really perceptive, though her social skills are even worse than mine, having grown up even more sheltered than me. She said I seem to have good social skills, but I know they really only matter when I view the interaction as a performance. That’s fine with people I meet, but what about people that matter to me, like friends… or more than friends? Any ways, digressions again. We arrive at Workstail in a few hours, and of course I’ll arrange for the rooms. It seems like everyone just expects me to handle that kind of stuff, either through my associations like Elsie, my bardic performances, or out of my pocket. It would be nice for someone to at least acknowledge that I am paying for them, show a morsel of gratitude. I’m beginning to think the current guildmembers are a bit more selfish than they tend to admit. Even Jax, who has frequently groused about being mercenaries for hire jumped on this mission, the most mercenary of them all to date. At least the others were far more about helping and saving people. Heck, he was the very reason that a number of people were kidnapped, and yet he blames the mayor for our involvement. I really just don’t understand many of the people in our guild. I’ll be glad when Kevin gets back from where ever he went, I feel like I need a friend right now that I can truly confide in, and it seems like my selection is pretty dang limited. Sigh. Ok, this is me getting in a better mood right now before someone else in the wagon suspects I might be getting concerned about the gryphons. Stiff upper lip, and all that. Time to find some gryphons, and I can’t let these mundane issues distract me from the task at hand. I’ll write more after the gryphons.

The Griffin Module Arrives

[Conversation heard in Jane’s Games and Cards, merchant district of Katmandu, day 60, year 1292.]

Oh cool, another Adventurers Guild™ module came in from Charles Puzzles and Games Corp.!
Which one is this one?
It looks like it’s based on the time when they went up against the griffins to harvest their glands!
I vaguely remember reading that in Barret’s first volume. That’s the time when Missy first showed up, right?
Yeah. She’s cool! I love the way you get to float around and fly about when you play her, and it’s always fun the way she drives Barret nuts. On the other hand, I really feel sorry for the GM when she’s in the module: her group PK shield totally throws off play balance even more than some of the magic spells.
Oh yeah! I remember now! They went up against a half-dozen manticores, and the shield was so powerful it made the manticores look about as threatening as a herd of kittens! Their poison tails were completely ineffectual, and only Lina ended up getting hit.
Honestly, it was just bad luck that she got hit at all and went unconscious. You know, now that I’m thinking about it, if real life were a game, I’d say real-life’s “GM” totally overcompensated due to Missy’s shield the following “session” when they actually battled the griffins.
Well, come on, what would you do if you were running? You’d have to compensate for Missy’s group AC10 bonus by having the monsters do tremendous damage just to present a challenge. And yet, that bonus would make it really hard to get the challenge rating right.
If you consider it further, it’s even worse than that: even if you get it right, the whole party is forced to rely on Missy, and if she goes down, the session becomes instant TPC. Missy’s like that Horatio character from that old module series my father played. Of course, if I were GM, I suppose I could at least throw some area-effect things at the PC’s to try to scatter the party away from her.
Well, yeah, but it’s easy to give suggestions when you’ve already read Barret’s books. Wasn’t this when they met that National Geographic guy the first time?
He was just hiding behind the blind, so didn’t really interact with them much that time. I think he was surprised anyone actually spotted him.
I think it would be cool to have his job, whatever it really is.
It’s sort of funny that they saw him despite how well hidden he was, but had previously completely missed the sinister, shady guy in the alley at New Fandeo. Oh, look, on the back it says Elsie shows up, too.
Really? What a misleading ripoff! As I recall, she’s pretty much a minor NPC with them around this time, just talking with Barret about their love for each other — ick!
Well, still, I need to buy this one so I have a complete set.
Let’s get the gang together to play tonight!
You want to play it, too? OK, I guess I can buy two copies…

Griffin Glands

Jax’s Journal

Another “muscle for hire” mission. This one however… it intrigues me. The owner of the local Guild Magic Store would like us to gather griffin glands outside of Worksdale an Oberheart run town six days journey from here. Sounds easy enough right? Go kill a few griffin’s bring back their glands we’ll pay you 1k per gland. Nothings ever easy… Besides the fact that these are GRIFFIN’s, part lion part eagle, the moons are just about at their peak. Griffin physiology wise this means that they are at their most powerful and dangerous state. Thus the need for Adventurers – I mean hired muscle. Who else would be crazy enough to even take a stroll in woods known to be occupied by these wing beasts!

I’m curious however. I’ve never seen a Griffin. What would a Griffin egg fetch? There have been documented cases of domesticating these beasts and using them as mounts. I suspect training a creature such as this to be extremely hazardous and time consuming. I further suspect that with a few spells I may be able to enchant an item to summon one and ride it. I should gather parts of a griffin for further investigation. Speaking of which, besides the glands which are used for alchemical potions such as strength, the wing feathers can be used for quills, the skin/fur as a blanket I suppose – a cloak even. Maybe the cloak allows one to transform into a griffin! I bet with my blacksmithing skills I might even be able to fashion a helm of sorts from the skull of one of these beasts. I think that might be pretty cool – a griffin skull helm… Or mount a griffin claw on top of my staff – that might be cool too! I could animate it – make it flex and pick up items for me! Mount a crystal ball on top of my staff with it. Oh the ideas I have…

We had a new recruit join us – Missy, boy is she a looker, nice on the eyes. She’s also smart – pretty and smart! She has similar psychokinesis talents as I and then some. She’s able to talk to animals, levitate and even cook! Barrett doesn’t seem too interested in her, in fact he was rude – she sounds like a total asset to the guild to me – but that’s my opinion. I found out that Missy is actually David the Fishmonger’s daughter whom unfortunately was vampirized and slain by the group a few weeks back.

The group heads out to the woods outside Worksdale. We stop for the night in New Fandango and stay at Elsie’s. Barrett and she have a thing going on – I think they are in love. The food was good and the beds – wow the best night’s rest I ever had! Great accommodations!

Just outside Worksdale we leave our cart and horses at an inn and head off into the woods. Just inside the woods we find booted tracks and dead carcasses – a mixture of horse and human bones. Instead of following the tracks we head north – there appears to be a hill/rocky outcropping that direction. We find the griffin’s – rather they find us in a small clearing just below their nests. The griffin’s however not the only denizens of the woods. We are attacked by manticore while trying to position ourselves safely in the trees for the night. We make short work of the six manticore. Missy’s PK Shield is way more powerful than mine! We cut the tails off the manticore before Missy makes an offering of their dead bodies to the griffins. Manticore tails can be used to create magical arrows. Manticore for those that have never seen one before have the face of a human, with blue eyes; the body of a lion, bright red in color; and a scorpion’s tail, from which it fires spines at its prey.

Mental note – we need to find the manticore lair. Seeker spell should help here.


From The Missy Adventures Journal Entry I

Hello Journal. Today I have joined the Adventurers Guild as I knew I always would. I am beginning this Journal to document my wondrous exploits within this marvelous guild!

Day 1. Not so good. My first encounter within the guild was with Barret, the son of the wondrous Tennison’s. Barret is a mean egotistical ass who brushed me aside as if I was a servant offering him his morning poorage. I tried to be polite but he treated me like a nothing and told me to talk to the steward without even indicating who that was or where they were. Thankfully I am not ignorant or stupid and know where the steward should be.

I met Jax, a very nice person, but a bit cold. Literally, he can make ice cubes with his fingers! But he is a very nice and friendly person.

I met another girl Lena, she seemed nice but appeared sick so kept my distance.

Then there is Asta! A Cleric of something. She is quite curious much like a puppy dog eager to dart about and shove its nose in any hind-tail it can find. Such a thirst for knowledge! If a little startling at times!

I am now a probationary member of the Adventurers Guild. I am sure that that mean Barret is the reason I am not a full member. Journal, I admit I have lived a rather simple life till now, something I have not hidden, but I think I do understand what the word “hate” means. I wish I did not and I feel horrible that I do.

It has been two days on the road traveling and all I can write about is that mean insufferable Barret continues to make disparaging comments about me. Mostly when he thinks I do not hear, but I hear very well.

Jax is a wonderful friend, although he does not talk a lot he is always there when I need him.

Asta and I have found several things in common and she wishes to learn from me. While I enjoy our talks shouldn’t she be teaching me as a Clearic of Dixon? Now to be fair she does know her religion and she is teaching me that which she does know. A fair trade I guess, I finally understand the basics of religion and spiritual growth so that is a great win for me.

Dear Journal, It has been days since I spoke to you, my deepest apologies. The members of the Adventurers Guild present and myself embarked upon a task for the Mages Guild. I must state to you my most unhappiness with this task as it involves the slaughter of innocent animals.

Jax does not seem as eager for this task. I like him more by the day.

I have completely digressed Journal, my apologies. We have arrived in New Fandeo, a Hansa Clan town. Barret arranges lodging with the town leadership. A very nice home, I met a Blan named Rikki and had a wonderful discussion, it turns out he is the familiar of our host Misha Hansa. Misha is the father of Elsie. A poor misguided woman who is in love with Barret. I have read many such tragic love stories and none end well for the girl.

I attempted, and succeeded at recanting the wondrous stories of the Hansa Calvary trained in this very town! Misha seemed very happy with my stories and I would love to talk with him in the future.

Dear Journal, I am most unhappy. We have stayed at an inn and are leaving our horses behind, Good for them! Now we are embarking into the forest on foot, well not me obviously, to seek out poor innocent Griffons and slay them for their bodily fluids. This seems a most grotesque and wrong adventure to me. But I joined after the group agreed to this and perhaps I can still reason with all the parties involved.

I do hope reason will win this day!

I have to go Journal, be safe!

First performance in Katmandu

Dear journal,

Sorry it’s been a while since I last spoke to you. Uh, I mean write. Whatever, you know what I mean, or I know what I mean. Never mind.

In the last several weeks, I have had quite a bit going on. After we cleared up the vampire thing, I wrote Elsie about finding time and opportunity for us to get to know each other better. I also let her know that I would be out of town for a while, as I was headed to Katmandu to play for the princess, at her invitation, and wouldn’t be back till probably just before New Years – which is always a busy time any ways for anyone dedicated to helping their town or others. I haven’t heard back from Elsie yet, but I figure it’s probably due to me being away from mail service. I think I’ll go see if Henry is in town later today.

After writing to Elsie, I headed to Katmandu with Asta and Kenzie. They are both odd companions. Kenzie always wants to spar, it seems like, very focused and a little too one-track. Mom says dad is the same way. Asta is the complete opposite. She seems like her mind is all over the place and doesn’t stay in any one area long, asking all kinds of questions. I’m getting a better idea of why she’s a cleric of Dixon now; less about the teaching and more about learning everything she can about everything there is to know. She’s like a knowledge sponge, which I guess is kind of cool but still odd in social situations. Guess I’m not one to judge; I know that I am lacking certain social skills, only able to interact well when I think of it as a performance. Where does that leave me when making or interacting with friends and traveling companions? How can I expect to be an interesting man to date? On the topic of dating, the only one around that seems like a good source, Kevin, is gone and busy, and I still haven’t had a chance to talk to him about dating. If Elsie shows up, what do I do? Ugh, I did it again, big digression, and ended up talking about Elsie. I wonder if that is significant? Any ways, the trip to Katmandu was good. I practiced a lot, both my mandolin and the sword. Kenzie seemed to want to train with Asta, calling her “her pupil”, but spar with me, as if she was testing me. I hope I did well, I guess. Once we got to Katmandu, we presented ourselves at the palace and was told when to come back (after dropping off Asta at her conference). We left, got ourselves situated with lodgings, then both found other distractions until our appointments the next day. I have no idea what Kenzie was doing, but I was with other bards! Real bards, like mom! And man, did they have great stories. I was able to tell some too, it was fabulous. When we went back to the palace the next day, we spent a good deal of time in a waiting room. I played for those in the waiting room, which they seemed to appreciate. When we were let in for our turn, Kenzie talked politics and clan stuff, then I played two songs for court. They seemed to be quite well received. Later I was told to return to the palace in a month’s time to play for the court again. It was rather exhilarating to play for the crown, and more so to be asked back. I’m sure this will increase my fame as a bard, but to be honored by the crown like this is even better. The trip home was nice and peaceful. I like Asta well enough, don’t get me wrong, but the incessant questions do get wearisome after a while.

New years was good. We were able to rescue a group of colonists from their exploding pod, so that’s good. Sadly, other events kept us busy for many days thereafter. Maybe next year we can achieve even greater things and take less time. And be able to write about them. One can always hope.

Oh, wrote a song about the guild. Didn’t have much in the way of adventure to speak of, so figured I would write a song about the people in my guild. Hopefully I will be able to write and sing about adventure again soon.

Now to go find Henry.

A Missy flew out of the Nest

Dear Journal, How are you today? I am doing as well as can be considering my recent loss. I do not know if you will ever speak back to me. But I did not expect my cats or dogs to speak back to me either but they do now. I will hold out hope that one day you and I will truly converse as well.

I have started this dialog today, as from my readings, Adventurers keep journals so that others will know of and learn from their exploits. I should probably add a title for this first entry. There is a point where every young bird must look over the edge of the nest and ponder what is far down below. This is most especially true when ones parents no longer return to regurgitate up a worm for you to eat. So, I think the title for this first entry should be.

A Missy flew out of the Nest!

These past few weeks since learning of my fathers passing have been most difficult. I know, how could learning that your father was turned into a blood sucking vampire be easy on anyone? But it has opened my eyes that these sorts of monsters are real and not just stories in my library of books. As such I have decided to give up my simple life of just catching fish and devote it to finding and stopping monsters like the one who did that to my father. Journal, I know this may be dangerous but it is something I have to do. I will miss my many animal friends but it is safer for them to remain back by the ocean. This may in no small way have influence over why I am talking to you.

I found the nearby village and spoke with its leader. It seems they somehow knew of my recent loss and were very sympathetic. I was able to work out an arrangement that the town could have my former home and all of its fishing supplies as long as they would feed all of my animal friends while I strode forth to become an Adventurer. They were quite happy with this arrangement. The mayor even gave me a present of a magic book bag, I was very thankful and it is quite amazing! I have never seen magic before.

I was able to squeeze all of my books into two large trunks and my new book bag and I flew off to the town of Southern Cross. I had been told it has an amazing University and a library! I had to stop on my way to research what a vampire really is, I even acquired a few new books in the process! I asked around town about the Adventurer’s Guild and the incident involving my father. I really need to thank them for ending my father’s curse of being turned into such an unholy monster as a vampire.

I will go to the market and pick up some fish and vegetables, it would be impolite to show up without an offering of friendship. I will then make my way to the Adventurer’s Guild and knock on the door.

Will me luck Journal.

Kenzie' s Entry Three

Went on s secret mision for the Mayor. Cannot enter it in my Jurnal.

It sucked.

Like really sucked.

New Years Subterfuge

Jax’s Journal

I celebrated my fourth day of the new year laying bound hand and foot in the belly of a ship disguised in a fluorescent orange jump suit that said “Jacubowicz” on the back with ~30 other retching sick n00b colonists from earth headed for Jnda… It was dark and it stank in there – all manner of human excrement with mold growing on the walls. I don’t think that place had been cleaned in years!

With my new found “free time” I contemplate my life since joining the Adventurers Guild. Let’s see; I’ve attended some posh party in Wilkie as a ploy not even being informed of the real mission. Escaped a trap set by BoB who was kidnapping merchants travelling from Southern Cross to New Fandeo. And most recently uncovered a coven of vampires within Southern Cross. Why did I join this “Adventurer’s Guild” again? Our group might as well be ‘mercenaries for hire’! When I joined I envisioned a group of like-minded individuals eager for exploration of the unknown! Not hanging around town at the beck and call of clans, churches or charity cases. Good grief! We’ve got to take our destiny into our own hands make names for ourselves.

I’m fed-up. Not only with the “Adventurers Guild” but the clan as well. I’m a member of the Jenkin’s Clan the only source of mithril on Blugar’s World, the only known item in existence that can hold an enchantment and I don’t even get a clan discount on the stuff! What the hell. After all the enchantments I did for the guild. All the research on metallurgy… Project Cold Forge; you’d think I had some credit within the guild.

So why was I there – bound in a cesspit of death and despair for 10 days? Theno Jenkins had a mission for us again. Last year new colonists within the territory of Southern Cross were taken on new years. This year the town was ready and asked the local “Charity Guild” to help. We were to be the bait disguised as colonists. We were to sit tight and be taken by whoever it is that comes for us and later escape to inform Theno of what transpired. To ensure our disguises would be complete wore old fluorescent orange jump suits. No equipment – nothing but the jump suits! I think the rest of the group was fit to be tied – no weapons no musical instruments. While Lina and I – we are weapons!

The plan went down as expected – our group switched places with the real colonists after their pod exploded. Soon after the real colonists escaped into the woods we were promptly put to sleep. I certainly didn’t see it coming nor did my familiar – they must have used a large area of effect spell. Very powerful indeed. Four days later we awoke hungry, hogtied and confused in the belly of a ship. Montra had tracked us to Anchor City. Based off the landmarks Montra was able to see Kevin confirmed where she was. Kevin and Kenzi were able to untie themselves as well as the rest the group. It was later determined that we should maintain our disguises and remain tied up. We contemplated taking over the ship – it was BoB of course. However we didn’t know how to sail the boat and figured it might be better to just wait it out as part of our mission.

After the 10th day two boats pulled up and “saved” us. Our rescuers had boats like I’d never seen before – fast boats that didn’t even need sails. They took us back towards Anchor City, just a few miles south and set us ashore where we met Ernie. Ernie returned us to town. We received the thanks of the Jenkin’s clan as a reward – well all of us but Kenzie and Lina. Kenzie received land outside of town for her new guild – in exchange for a promise to never take over a Jenkin’s run town. Lina received a silver piece – but its magical. Not sure what it does but since I know you can’t enchant silver it might be a mithril laced silver coin. Everyone knows you can’t enchant anything but mithril on Blugar’s right?

Ambushed by monsters!

Lina’s journal
July 22, 2012

This adventure all started when Jax comes running into the adventure guilds tower where the group stays. Jax stops and tells us about how merchants have been mysteriously disappearing between her and Fandeo and the mayor has given us a chance to investigate these mysterious disappearances. So we all talked about this for a while trying to form a plan when finely we all agreed on kevin acting as a merchant and Margine acting as his wife. Jax and I are going to act as their servants which did not sound very fun but I went along with it sense it sounded like the plan would work, and Asta, Kenzi, and Barret are going to sneak into the woods waiting for us to pick them up in a our wagon. When we picked them up Barret and kenzi got into the wagon while Asta decided to hide under the luggage on the roof. A while later we came across a fallen down tree in the road so jax and I had to go and start hacking at the tree with axes. Knote: work on using axes. While we were hacking at the tree the wagon was being ambushed by monsters, Jax and I only noticed this because we were ambushed too. Everything happened so fast I became injured and almost fell down conches, Asta and kevin were already knocked down conches. A couple minutes into the battle a huge demon came out and started attacking us. It finely ended where kenzi killed the demon and he exploded and the monsters left. Barret and I went to see if we could find out where the monsters went but all we found is there holes where they hid to ambush people, so we went home and told the Mayor the problem was solved. Than we went back to the adventures tower to heal and get ready for whatever journey laid before us.

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