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Spread of Undead in Southern Cross

Dear journal,

I have had another interesting experience with my guildmates. Someone came to Lina for help with some bandits, assuming her brother had been kidnapped by them. After some minor investigations, we found that her brother, Frank SuYu, had made it to Southern Cross but never left town. After checking some other inns, we found that at least five other people had also mysteriously gone missing. There was no distinct pattern other than non-residents, either; a traveling pearl salesman, a traveling fish merchant, a new student with the university, a visiting professor, and two other gentlemen of differing status, occupations, and wealth. It seemed that there were indiscriminate kidnappings going on, preying on travelers whose disappearances wouldn’t be noticed by anyone. The kidnappers even left behind valuable belongings that weren’t in the victims’ respective rooms, like a wagon, horses, and so on. This was most peculiar – why would someone kidnap someone else if not for financial gain? This question would be answered later, in a most horrifying way. Any ways, back to the problem. We went to go see the mayor, but she was out of town at the moment. We instead met with her second in command, vice mayor Jerry Jenkins. Wow, now I understand why mom grumbles about worthless bureaucrats. This guy was worse than worthless, he was an obstinate obstacle. He may have been a worthwhile administrator in his day, but boy do I feel sorry for Mayor Theno now. I wonder what she did wrong to be punished by the Jenkins clan with getting stuck with him. He wasn’t willing to listen or care about the problem until someone mentioned that he would be able to take credit for spearheading the solution. It truly seemed as though he didn’t care about helping or saving the missing people (or stopping the problem from continuing, for that matter), all that mattered was that he could get credit IF we succeeded. If he was the primary mayor here, I would seriously consider moving. Ok, enough digression, sorry journal. Great, now I’m apologizing to my journal. And writing about it. Ugh.
Back to the adventure. We decided to go to the GMS and get a seeker spell, to use to find one of the victims. Lina seems really smart and was able to absorb it all in a few hours, which was good. With handy spells like that, perhaps I should investigate my magical potential too. Dad says magic in combat is not an honorable fight. Jax and Lina seem honorable to me, and nothing says I have to use the magic in combat. I think I’ll talk to Jax more about this. Maybe he’ll even tell me about doing time at the mountain. It sounds scary, bet he has stories. Ugh, I did it again. Dad says I get my digressions from mom, all I know is that it’s starting to annoy me. Any ways, where was I… oh, right, seeker spell. So we followed the seeker spell to a house in town. A rather nice house, I might add, but sadly the legal owner was no more – though we wouldn’t find that out till after the threat was neutralized. Kenzie knocked on the door, and was met by a very rude woman. Sure, it was late, but that is no reason to be as rude as she was. Her attitude also clearly showed that she wasn’t Bonig – they are big on the sanctity of life and we were trying to save lives! We found out later that she was one of the two head vampires, and sadly also the one who got away. After she slammed the door, we tried several methods to get in. Kenzie and Asta were trying to hack down the door because the windows on the first floor were barred. The second story windows weren’t though! So I climbed to the window, which was even open, and went in. Didn’t anyone else know how to scale a house? Mom says everyone needs to know how to do that (she’s never said why), but clearly the rest of the group doesn’t know that. I wasn’t worried, there were only four people – people who turned out to be vampires! Actual undead right in Southern Cross! No, really, it’s true! Evidently they can see in the dark, because they kept the lights out, but thankfully dad had the foresight to train me in blindfighting. I need to remember to thank him for that, I’m certain it saved my life. Note for any readers, vampires are really hard to knock unconscious, and vampires can’t be reverted back so don’t even bother with the unconscious thing. Wish I had known that sooner. Any ways, we eventually defeated the vampires. Well, most of them. The one that Asta was fighting got away. I know that the Reformed Wololitan approach is to let your opponent live so that they can get better and stronger, but a) this wasn’t the university where she teaches, b) this was an undead, viewed by most every religion as something to destroy, and c) she’s Dixon, not Reflolita. They don’t like it when you call them reflolitas, by the way. Any ways, we killed a bunch of vampires but one escaped, climbing over the wall. See? Even vampires know that it’s terribly handy to know how to climb a wall. Actually, according to Jax, they were climbing walls all throughout the downstairs at the house. More like clinging or something. Weird. Oh, I almost forgot, Henry was there. He delivered mail to Asta and me. I think I need to have a talk with him about discretion. Yelling out the contents of my mail in the street, after midnight but while numerous neighbors are poking heads out windows (also yelling), is really not an appropriate way to deliver my sensitive mail. Especially since it’s with a female AND supposed to be a secret! I have no idea how my mother would take it, but I have no doubt that it would have SOME effect. As for the mail, she loves me? Sure, I’m really interested in her, but we’ve hardly spent any time together, how can she know she loves me? Mom says that women move faster on emotions that men, but wow. I think I need to find a way to spend some time with her, to get to know her better, before I can say something like that. I need to talk to Kevin, I bet he understands women. The vampires were way simpler.

Oh, and I wrote a new song about the vampires. Still struggling with the song about the demon; mom says writer’s block happens some times, but not to worry because I was able to finish the song about vampires. We’ll see, I suppose.

Kenzie's Journal Entry Two

What do you know, Vampires are real. Decapitation works, not sure about the whole sparkling in the sun thing though. I am getting ahead of myself though, need to get used to this journal stuff.

Lena was approached by the sister of a missing merchant. Lena brough this news to the Scooby Gang for us to investigate. After we all asked around town and at the gates we found that the missing person, Frank, had indeed enters our little town. I should also note that the town guard records all instances of comings and goings at each gate.

In our investigation we found that Frank was not the first or last disappearance. In the past several weeks many people have gone missing. I believed it may have been members of BoB or Slavers finding new “merchandise.”

We decided to try a magical approach to finding one of the missing people and Lena learned a new spell called Seeker… I managed to conceal my humor at thinking of a group of Mord Sith waiting for us when we find our missing people. I doubt anyone who reads this journal will understand my amusement at that joke. I do sometimes dislike this planet.

Lena’s spell brings us to a house where David the fishmonger is. It is midnight but I am sure the hour of day will not be an issue with whomever lives here. I knock loudly and a woman answers wearing the symbol of Bonig, I ask her a few basic questions but she lies to me quite obviously and she is clearly not a follower of Bonig. She slams the door in my face with amazing quickness that even I do not account for. The door is heavily barred and I am forced to draw my hand axes and begin cutting throught the door. With Asta’s assistance, and a spell from Jax turning the stone to water the door and wall are quickly open. I need to talk to Jax about doing that at the beginning next time.

Asta and the mage’s pour in through the new opening. I have a bad feeling Asta will get in trouble but the two mage’s have proven very capable and I am sure they can take care of her. Barret on the other hand… I have never seen him fight and in the near two months since I first met him that is disturbing to me, especially since he seemed to disappear while I was busy hacking thought he door.

I entered the first floor watching Asta run off to certain danger, Lena not too far behind. I start to look about and then here Barret yelling “Vampires, Vampires!” from the second floor. Crap, that damn fool kid! I rush back and attempt to use the doorframe as a fulcrum to acrobatically throw myself into the upstairs window only to meet a massively strong wall of something. I regain my feet only to see two… hideously deformed fanged used-to-be-humans with long sharp claws. Vampires, and dang ugly ones. Nothing like Twilight!

I draw my swords and jump up severing one of the vamps’s heads from its body. The other one retreats inside. I now successfully jump through the window only to find that Barret has rendered the other vamps unconscious. Hmm, apparently this boy is much more competent than I expected. Still… I tell him to behead the rest then jump back out the window to see how the rest are doing.

As expected the mages, but with some injuries, have dealt with things down here. The vamp lord has escaped sadly. Apperantly Asta did battle with her directly and lived so she is showing progress.

Adventuring 136 - Beginning Adventuring Seminar by Professor Asta Charles

Document recovered in site Beta 3-G8, square FG27 on day 204, year 1750. Partial transcript likely from Professor Charles’ seminar on day 312, year 1251:

- – and that’s how we defeated the vampires. OK, class what should you take away from this adventure? Yes, Karl.
Learn acrobatics well, and make sure to use acrobatic dodge against close-in opponents.
Good. Susan?
Splitting the party is awesome. Barret used it effectively to get a really great story taking on a roomful of vampires all by himself.
Right, but be careful doing it unless you’re as masterfully skilled and incredibly lucky as he is. Barret really seems to have taken the split-the-party mentality to heart; in any situation, it was just about the first thing he usually suggested or acted upon. I wonder if he’s been talking with my parents… Anyway, Jane?
Learn about the creatures you’re going up against.
Yes, that would have been nice if we had done that. Good answers, class! OK, any questions?
What was it like to get bitten by a vampire?
It was really cool! There’s a weird sucking sound and you can actually feel your life draining away! Vampires are wonderfully creepy bad guys! I wanted to calculate how many times it would take to kill a person from bites, but unfortunately, I only got bitten once and couldn’t figure it out from that limited data.
Why did Kenzie open a random door in the middle of the battle?
I was impressed when I heard about that! She seems so serious, and yet, she used the open-door-during-battle technique! My mother said doing that can result in even more great stories than the split-the-party technique, but you don’t hear about it as often because of the lack of survivors. I can’t wait to see what she does next!
Do you think you jinxed the group by talking about being surrounded by vampires with Barret the day before it actually happened?
I can only hope. I plan on talking with him about being surrounded by dragons next, so cross your fingers class!
How did you end up split from the party?
I’m still not sure what happened there. Time was of the essence and most of the group was literally right behind me trying to reach Barret and save what we thought were hostages before the bad guys had time to kill them. I figured I’d have time to evaluate the situation when we ran into bad guys, but suddenly I’m attacked by a vampire who I couldn’t see even though she was in plain sight, and I’m then alone with the leader in another room. Plus, then someone actually iced up the way back so I couldn’t safely return to the party, especially while battling fast creatures that can evade the ice and cling to walls. (Note to self: learn ice skating.) It was a great experience, even if I didn’t get as good a story as Barret out of it this time.
What about the vampire leader who got away?
Obviously, we need to kill her right away or more innocent townspeople will get killed and we’ll quickly end up with another nest of vampires all over again. Hope I can do it and still make that Dixon conference. Luckily, Lina’s a skilled mage and should be able to track the vampire fast using the blood and gore I slashed from the vampire in that back room. Now that the sun’s up and it’s morning, I plan on talking with her about it right after this class.
Is that dreamboat Barret single?
Yes, I think so.
What about Kenzie? And is it true she plays for the other team?
I think she’s single, too. And I’m pretty sure she plays – -

Missing Persons

Jax’s Journal
It’s been two weeks since our encounter with BoB and during that time Theno has assured me that the previous missing folks were all saved prior to being branded as slaves. Additionally, new year’s is quickly approaching – it is just a few short weeks away.

Lina Inverses’ reputation as a bandit killer proceeds her. Janice Su-Yu is looking for her brother Frank Su-Yu the pearl merchant whom left Wilkie 5 days ago on his horse and never made it to Southern Cross. Janice suspects bandits and asked Lina to investigate! Janice is actually not even sure if Frank made it to town.

Lina gathers the group minus Kevin and Margine – they were not around. As a group we decided our first course of action was to find out if Frank even made it to town. This entailed a lot of footwork. It literally took us all day. After visiting multiple inn’s in Southern Cross we found that approximately half a dozen individuals were missing. And those are ones that people noticed. Some inn keepers didn’t want to talk to us so I suspect there were yet more people missing. You know Asta actually impressed me – as a Cleric of Dixon she was able to impart knowledge to myself and other members of the party to assist our investigations.

We decided it was time to inform Theno the town mayor. Theno unfortunately was not available – she was out of town on business. Jerry Jenkin’s the vice-mayor of Southern Cross was left in charge. Jerry’s reputation proceeded him as that of a “rest-n-vest” individual. Getting his support in our missing persons investigation wouldn’t be easy. He claimed to have no knowledge of this and wasn’t going to assist us. He frustrated me. I went for the blunt and direct approach – I threatened him. Should anything bad happen in town on “Jerry’s watch” it would reflect poorly on his ability as the vice-mayor of Southern Cross. He bristled at that – but as all politicians he covered his ass. He wouldn’t “interfere” with our investigation nor would he endorse us. But if we were successful – then he’d take all the credit. Damn politicians…

We made it to the Guild Magic Store just as it was about to close – Barrett had some knowledge of a “seeker” spell that would allow us to find these missing people. Purchasing the spell we hung out in the lobby of town hall – as long as we were quite Jerry begrudgly allowed us to stay while Lina learned this new spell.

Around Midnight we were ready – Lina cast the seeker spell and had a lock on David the fishmonger one of the many missing folks. She lead us through town to a nondescript two story house. Forget the fact that its midnight – we’re adventurers fully armed for combat – we knock on the door anyway. A woman answers the door and tells us to come back in the morning. She slams the door on Kenzi before she could even get her foot in the door! She was fast – inhumanly fast! Kenzi and Asta started hacking on the door. Meanwhile Lina sensed David moving about on the second floor of the house. I sent Montra my familiar to monitor the back door in case anyone tried to make a quick escape. Barrett started scaling the house to the second story window.

By this time several shouts of bandits and thieves rang out up and down the street! This was taking too long! The door was still not open and the noise generated by hacking open a door echoed up and down the street. I used my knowledge of architecture and cast stone to water on the house – simultaneously the door finally gives and falls open. The window Barrett had been climbing to also opens – he jumps in! Crazy bard – everyone knows you don’t split the party!

Its dark in the house – very dark. Asta blindly rushes in while Kenzi evaluates the dark house lobby. Remember what I previously said about Asta – forget about that. As a group, we need to discuss what “splitting the party means”. Combat ensues – at one point Barrett yells out vampires. The postal clan appears – yells out to Barrett that she loves him…

If you are looking for a detailed blow by blow description of combat here you are going to be sorely disappointed. There were vampires in the house. The vampire minions, probably about dozen in all were subdued and beheaded. The lead vampire had a tussle with Asta and escaped out the back door. Montra followed the vampiress to the edge of town where she promptly scaled the town wall and disappeared into the woods.

I’m not sure what happen after this. Lina was unconscious and severely wounded. Healing her I helped her home.

I’m looking forward to see what Theno is going to do about this. Public awareness of vampires in town is bad for business. The politicians will “spin” this to their advantage however… or cover it up quickly. Who knows by the time the sun rises tomorrow i’m sure the ruckus we caused will be attributed to bandits or thieves.

The Blackberry festival

Lina’s journal
July 21, 2012
I have joined an adventurer group with six other people but before we could join we had to take a test. There is kenzi who I don’t know that well except for the fact that she comes from earth, Margine she is all about unity and community so she tries to talk to the monsters before attacking them which seems a little odd, Kevin who is a swords man does a lot of eye gouging, Asta is a sorceress but other than that I don’t much about her. I think I should spend more time getting to know everybody better. Then there is also Jax who reminds me of jack frost because jax produces cold air around himself he is also a sorcerer, and last of all there is Barret who is really nice he has a passion for singing and likes to make sure he is doing something his mother and father would like so the others call him mommy’s boy but he is still really nice. Any way we were all invited to go to the blackberry festival so we headed to Wilkie were it was held it was a two day trip to the town. So we stopped for the night, our driver for our wagon ,Ernie had an uncle that owned a place that we could stay at but it looked really run down so I decided to go with Jax, Margine, and Barret to the nicer hotel. After dinner Jax started to hallucinate thinking he saw himself so he went and sat down next to an empty chair and started to talk to it, than he asked us if we saw him but we said no I think he just needed a good night’s sleep. The next morning we set off again to the town. When we got there we had just enough time to get washed up and ready for the festival. When we arrived at the castle where it was being held a man asked us to show our invitation to the party. Then he asked if any of us were part of any clans so than he could announce what clans were from or something. The man turned to Margine and I and asked if we are looking to get married because the prince will be dancing with the ladies looking for marriage Margine said yes so I decided to try it and see how it turned out. So we started to head down the stairs into the ballroom this was not my image of a blackberry festival I pictured different kinds of foods that involved blackberries but I didn’t see a single blackberry in the room so this really confused me. I saw Jax standing off to the side he didn’t seem to like parties that much so I walked over to him and talked with him until it was my turn to dance with the prince. Dancing with the prince was pretty fun I was just hoping I wouldn’t mess up like step on his toes or something. After that I kind of just stood to the side watching everyone else dance. Until I overheard Margine and the prince talking about how to sneak the prince outside to see his, well true love at least that’s one way to put it so I asked if I could help sense I had nothing better to do. So I learned that the prince loved the servant and he wanted to marry her. Margine said that she is not going to be able to go outside because there our royal guards outside that already found her wondering outside once and gave her a warning not to come back outside again. So I suggested my owl to go outside and look around but the prince had a better plan he turned Margine into a dog and Margine chased my owl around outside, and I said to the guards it was my dog and I have to go get her and the prince disguised himself as a servant coming to come help me catch my dog the plan worked really well I think. Anyway the prince got to see his girl so he turned Margine back into her normal self she would not be able to get back into the party. The prince turned himself into a wagon driver and went to play some games with them. I might have a chance of getting back into the party so I walked back to the door the guards looked at me curiously “Where is your dog?” One of the guards asked. I told them that I was not able to catch my dog but the servant is still trying too. They thought about it for a couple minutes and then told me I would not be a loud to go back inside so I walked away. Then I had an idea maybe the prince could turn me into a fly and I could fly into the castle unnoticed, without thinking much about the plan I headed off to go get the prince. When I got to the area where all the wagon drivers were sitting I walked out into plain site they all stared at me, I pointed to the prince who was disguised as a wagon driver and asked if I could see him. Instead Ernie got up and walked toward me he asked me if something was wrong with the wagon I said no, than he asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell him, this made me all nervous so I just said no again than he walked away. I walked away feeling guilty that I almost gave everybody away. A little while later a man walked up to me and told me I can go back inside. I went home with Margine and kevin everybody was wondering where Margine and I went.

Bandit Hunting

Dear journal,

I have had another exciting adventure. The mayor told Jax about some missing travelers between here and New Fandeo, and gave us the opportunity to investigate the disappearances. It needed to be a covert mission, so some people would need to leave in disguise, and without visible weapons or armor. I had the idea of leaving the evening before, and there was some agreement (and disagreement) but it was finally accepted, so myself, Kenzie, and Asta went out and camped the night, to meet the group the next morning. Speaking of Asta, she is seeming far more reasonable and intelligent of late, perhaps there is more to my mother’s statements of “You’ll understand when you’re older”. Evidently there is some physiological change that people go through that make them more intelligent. I’m glad she’s gone through it, she even sees the big picture on things now, but more on that later probably. As I was saying about the adventure, we traveled the road to New Fandeo with hopes of finding the culprits behind the tragedies. After some time that felt like forever (remember, covert, so I couldn’t play my instrument), we were ambushed. It wasn’t a very good ambush, actually, and we had to work at not giving ourselves away right away, but I guess it was to be expected since it was a bunch of orcs behind it. They were dispatched without too much trouble, and Margene is better with a sword than I thought, though I really didn’t get a chance to see how good she was in the danger room session we were in. I just wish she had figured out sooner that orcs aren’t into unity and community. The spellcasters seemed to do well enough, though I couldn’t see what was going on down there until after the battle – there was an orc frozen and embedded in the ground! That seems like pretty useful stuff. Any ways, the battle went well but the real hero was Kenzie, who was lopping arms off of everyone on her side of the wagon. She even took down the leader, who was evidently a real demon worshiper! Mom and dad have told stories about demon worshipers, black cults, and deadly temples, but I had never seen a real demon worshiper myself. Sure enough, like their stories, a demon showed up to claim the soul. He even started offering to accept our pledges. Like we would be that foolish. There is clearly some kind of power to a demon though, because a bunch of people started bleeding from all over, like their eyes and ears, and dropped unconscious quickly. Asta said not to attack the demon, but I thought that was just fear and the bleeding talking, since everyone knows demons are bad. It turns out, though, that if a demon comes to collect the soul of a worshiper, if no one attacks it, it has to leave peacefully. Like we want that to happen. Any ways, back to the demon fight. I tried to quickly finish the orc I was dispatching and rushed to help kill the demon, but unfortunately Kenzie had already killed it by the time I got around the wagon. Oh well, maybe next time. I do expect there to be a next time, because it turns out that the entire kidnapping scheme was just to lure Jax out. Evidently he’s really, really wanted by the brotherhood of the bone! That’s pretty cool, to be such a threat to an evil organization that they hunt you. I hope some day I can be that dangerous. Until then, I’ll just hang around Jax some more and see if I can be there when they go for him again.

Another really cool part to the expedition is that I saw Elsie Hansa, and oh man is she not the social pretty girl that I thought she was. She showed up in full plate armor on a war horse, firing arrows at the demon and everything. She was out by herself to hunt the kidnappers down. I wonder if she would consider joining our guild? Does New Fandeo have an adventurer’s guild? I’ll have to ask her the next time I see her, which I hope is much sooner than I used to want. There is this air of mystery about her that is quite compelling. Mom says I should stay away from girls, so I don’t think I am going to tell her about Elsie. She gets a bit over protective at times. Dad says she would travel with us to be my bodyguard if dad would let her; I’m so glad that’s not happening! Imagine, me having or needing a bodyguard, let alone having my mother as it! I need to find a guy my own age who has been around more, who I can talk to about Elsie. Maybe Kevin, he’s been around. Yeah, I think I’ll talk to him and see what he thinks.

I’ve decided to keep my songs in a different book. They were taking up too much space in the journal, and it will be easier to find them for practicing if they are in a dedicated song book. Almost done with my third song!

Kenzie Journal Entry 1

I have decided to start a journal so that when I compose my memoirs I will have a reference.
Journal entry 1, date xxx

Today Jax Jenkins approached me and the… I am not sure what to call them. Lets go with Scooby Gang (SG) for now. Apparently there is a group of brigands who are interrupting trade between our town and the next. No one so far has any leads.
We decided to lure the brigands to us. Asta, Barret and I left that evening in the wrong direction and circle around and then meet up with the rest of the gang in the morning.
We met up and Barret and I entered the wagon, Asta… went somewhere. Dang silly undisciplined girl.
A few hours into our travel we came upon a tree over the road and stopped. I heard a commotion outside and exited the wagon upon hearing a threatening voice. I exited to be quickly surrounded by four ocs and a large half orc. I began dispatching such inferior foes quickly and when nearly done a large four armed demon approached me and made demands upon my soul.
As a stranger to this world I have little idea what such a demon is but from my growing up in Japan I have a strong idea of what such a creature is and what it wants from a virgin such as myself. I attack it with much resolve to end it from existence before it assaults me. I chop off a few limbs, It strikes me, I am hit by some energy wave and then smash it’s skull in only to have it explode!

I am victorious over the Demon!

Ambushed by BoB

Jax’s Journal

Theo Jenkins came to me with troubling news.
Folks travelling between Fandeo and Southern Cross have been going missing! No trace of them either. It’s a days journey from one town to the next and there is an Inn half way. But the wagons as well as the travelers often times don’t even make it to the Inn. This has been going on now for about 2 weeks now. She’d like me with the rest of the group to investigate. It would be best not to go as Adventurers… there are probably informants in town who pick out travelers for the bandits. We were allowed to borrow Theo’s coach with Ernie again – but the coach really isn’t her’s…
I gathered the group – we were still getting used to working with each other so it takes us a while to get ready. Ideas fly left and right and eventually we decide to have Barret, Asta and Kenzie leave town through another gate that day and meet us early the next morning. Meanwhile – the rest of us visited the used clothes shop in town again. Kevin disguised himself and Margine as a merchant couple. Lina and I were to be their servants… Kevin did a good job – he actually looked different, walked different too!
Early the next morning the four of us posing as merchants and servents boarded the coach headed for Fandeo. We picked up the rest of the group – Barret and Kenzie jumped inside the coach while Asta hide on top under the tarp with the luggage. Barret was very fidgety the entire time – probably his first time in combat.
Ernie suddenly announced loudly “oh no there is a tree across the road!” He has axes in the back and as the “servants” Lina and I exit to start chopping down the tree. Honestly the two of us don’t know how to wield an axe that well – so I hope we really did look like servants.
To the right of Lina, three orcs jump out of cleverly concealed holes in the ground. They rush to engage us! From behind I hear more shouts and a voice in broken Esperanto that tells us to drop our weapons and we will not be harmed. Not sure I believe that but I’m happy to comply with dropping this useless axe in my hands. Lina and I had our hands full with three orcs facing us – but we did well! Mental note: I’ve got to talk to Lina about that Animate Shadow spell – it worked extremely well on those orcs!
The battle was tough – a bit touch and go there – Lina staggered on her feet after taking several hits from the orcs – she’s tough! And then the demon appeared… I didn’t know this at the time but apparently the half-orc leader was a member of BoB. One of the twisted things about the BoB clan is that they associate with demons. A clan member can pledge themselves to a demon and once that individual dies the demon comes for their soul. So while I didn’t SEE this demon appear myself; everyone who had an ounce of psionic capability felt it. I heard Asta yell something about a demon and run. The demon asked if anyone wanted to pledge themselves to him. I didn’t hear a reply from anyone – that was good. About this time Lina and I, while we hadn’t fully dispatched the orcs on us, did get some breathing room. We were able to disengage a bit while the remaining orc’s shadow attacked him.
From behind some trees Lina and I saw (and felt) a huge four-armed demon! Our noses started bleeding when the demon appeared and we felt our fatigue steadily diminishing. It was only a matter of time before we both passed out if the demon didn’t leave. Kenzie – the crazy earther – she was attacking the demon! She already had several orc bodies lying on the ground around her – including the half-orc leaders. Several of the orcs we’re even missing an arm! I saw Kevin was lying on the ground behind some slain orcs. I recall Kevin earlier yelling out “Kenzie down” – why was he on the ground?
I ran to back up Kenzie thinking what the hell I am going to do against a demon!? Lina cast a spell that didn’t quit function as anticipated… great spell – but I think she got half the party as well! Mental Note: Mages need throwing skill for spells…
From down the road two flaming arrows struck the demon – he didn’t seem to notice them much. He was too intent on Kenzie who had already severed an arm. And then just like that the fight was over – in a whirl of blades Kenzie slew the demon – and the demon exploded…
My nose stopped bleeding and I was no longer being leeched of fatigue.

Wrapping this all up

  • We found no trace of the previous hostages.
  • Asta was found in the woods a good distance away passed out – not sure how she got there… not even sure she helped in the battle at all. She was bleeding out her eyes, ears and nose…
  • Kevin also passed out from bleeding out his eyes, ears and nose – but I’m pretty sure he helped in the fight – I think?
  • Barret and Lina went out to scout but didn’t find much. She made good use of her owl familiar – my familiar is lazy…
  • The orcs had 20pp each and their leader 1mp
  • It took a while to clear the tree in the road by which time Asta and Kevin had regained consciousness
  • While we thought we had thoroughly searched the orcs apparently we missed some documentation secretly concealed in the leaders clothing – Asta found it and read it to the group.
  • One page was a picture of me – nicely done by the way – and the other an itinerary of my trip to Wilkie and back. Oh and there was a receipt for slaves – why would a half-orc keep a receipt?
  • BoB is vindictive…
  • Theo Jenkins rewarded us with $2,000

Someone (maybe more than one) is working for BoB and has been keeping tabs on me in town… damn agents of chaos!

Betrothed in Blackberries

Dear journal,

Evidently this Blackberry Festival in Wilkie is a significant event in the area. I know our parents would routinely go, but this year they invited the Adventurer’s Guild, which is made up of the most promising (and eligible) youth that Southern Cross has to offer. If that’s true, I almost feel sorry for Southern Cross. Jax and Kevin seem nice, but they’re essentially imported (like Kenzie, though not from as far). That leaves the locals to four. There’s myself and Lina (who seems nice, though she seems quiet and quite shy), then there’s the other two. Asta… she’s just so bizarre. She seems to change personalities like clothing. So weird. I think she may have mental issues. And Margene. Miss U-n-C seems to have really good intentions, but so very clueless. And we’re supposed to represent Southern Cross? Guess the guys will have to carry this burden, despite being mostly from elsewhere.

The travel to Wilkie is hardly worth mentioning, aside from the fact that along the way I found an inn that mom and dad would approve of (much, much better than the place Ernie took half the group). They helped make sure we had reservations in Wilkie – important since the blackberry festival draws people from all over and inns get booked up solid. Sadly, it seems like we missed the actual blackberry festival held in the town, only participating in the betrothal party for Carl Hansa. It was indeed quite a party! The betrothal part of the party seemed odd, though. It seemed like everyone there was either looking for “that someone special” or was the parent of someone looking for someone – and most of them seemed like they were from fairly important families too! No one mentioned early on that the event was about all attendees trying to find a mate. Had I known that to be the case, I might have stayed home. Still, there were good parts. I met the crown princess Fiona Delilah Hansa while there; she’s next in line with her twin brother (Filbert George Hansa) for the position of emperor / empress of the empire. She even gave me an open invitation to play for her at the palace in Katmandu! I think I need to get some advice on what songs to prepare for such an opportunity, and practice them thoroughly. I also got an “invitation” (more like an adamant request) to visit Elsie Hansa in New Fandeo, though it seems she’s looking for a husband as well. Felt like other women were “shopping” with me too – I avoided any discussion of such nonsense. Cool and cordial, polite and gentlemanly, but frankly my interests lie with a girl who can handle herself in a combat rather than just look pretty. Frankly, none of the young ladies here seem like they could manage in a real crisis. Dad had it right; find a woman that will fit the lifestyle you already live.

While the arrival of the heirs to the crown may have been the highlight of the event, the local town prince going missing was definitely the talk of the party. I even wrote a song about it on the way back home. I’ll scribe it into the journal so I don’t forget, at the end of my journal entry. Actually, not sure what else to say – only things left to mention are best left unmentioned, so I guess it’s time for the song any ways.

Carl the Prince’s Last Dance

(Sung to the tune of Mary Jane’s Last Dance and it helps if you have it playing in the background while you read the song.)

He lived out in a Hansa-owned town
Has a good-lookin’ profile, handsome all around
But he grew up humble and he grew up right
With them Hansa town boys on them Hansa owned fiefs

Well, time came along he was the age of eighteen
He blew the girls away, was more than they’d seen
Time for a party, find a bride while groovin’
Grab my interest quick, ‘cause I got to keep movin’ – on
Keep movin’ on

Last dance with Carl the Prince
One more chance to mingle a-and mix
Single elite are here to dance
And to, find a spouse and roma-ance

Well, I don’t know, but I’ve been told
Hansa’s are a catch, so brave and bold
Carl’s looking good, dressed in his best
Girls give a show, rise above the rest

Oh, my my, oh, hey yes
Girls, put on a party dress
Girls get in line, dance to the song
Find a husband quick ‘cause he won’t last long

Last dance with Carl the Prince
One more chance to mingle a-and mix
Single elite are here to dance
And to, find a spouse and roma-ance

The emperor’s kids have joined along
The security’s tight, can’t go wrong
Attention drawn to the new de-light
Seems Prince Carl is gone from sight

Oh, my my, oh, hey yes
You got to put on that party dress
New target for groom, Carl’s dis-appeared
While there’s still hope, the worst is feared

Last dance with Carl the Prince
One more chance to mingle a-and mix
Single elite are here to dance
And to, find a spouse and roma-ance

The Berry Festival

The new members of the Adventurer’s Guild which I have now been attached to for various reasons were invited to the annual Blackberry Festival. I have been told I should wear a formal dress so dislike this event already. Thankfully Badger is a tailor and was able to adjust something to fit me with the few gold I have.

On the two day trip to Wilki where the event is to be held twice our group was found by postal carriers. The first delivery was to Falls Quickly and the second to myself.

We arrived before the event started prepared ourselves. Upon entering I was most… dismayed that they insisted I check my swords. I nearly just left right then and there but there were other reasons I remained.

Soon after entering I was approached by a heavily armed man who was the head of security for the current ruling Clan. He seemed interested in who I was so I proudly proclaimed myself and my Clan.

Throughout the night I noticed Margene and Leena disappear, no doubt with some male suitors.

There was a surprise, as I gathered, entrance by the twins; the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess of the Empire. I frankly did not care much until the Crown Prince came and danced with me! I have only danced on a DDR machine so had no idea what to do so tried to play along. I know I failed but he was good enough to cover for us both. He then began to ask about me and my Clan and I explained it to him. He seemed most intrigued and wanted to assist me in properly establishing my Clan.

After the Galla event we all, who are still at the party, head back to the Inn and bed. In the morning we head out back to Southern Cross. Along the way we encounter patrols looking for someone but I do not catch much as to who. We camp for the night in an odd off the road place. It is here that I realize we have been transporting an escaped slave and the prince Carl!

I wish to speak out but it seems many of the Adventurers Guild are in on this and I decide not to speak and let the event pass. Clearly this group is not the honest group I thought it was… Then again when I was 18 I snuck out many times myself so who am I to judge.


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