Brotherhood of the Bone

Slavers, traders in poisons and drugs, pirates and cut-throats would be the nicest members of the BoB. The dregs of society slither into this group with few morals and fewer scruples. Despite occasional efforts by the Empire or some of the clans to destroy the BoB, they continue to ply their trade and skills anywhere and anytime within the Empire. During one of these pogroms, a judge read the charges against a captured leader in the BoB and called him an SOB. The BoB leader responded, “You never knew my mother. She was a good woman, fair and beautiful. She fetched a fair price too.” The tattoo of the BoB is a skull and crossbones.

Joining the BoB requires surviving initiation. Not for the faint of heart.

Benefits of joining include the opportunity to loot and pillage. You gain a reputation that causes strong reactions in most people. You have enemies – anyone that wants law and order, the empire and those goody two shoes Clan of the One Sword. You also have secret patrons who pay you and your friends to cause problems in some small town, or attack a caravan or burn down a church. You suffer from (or enjoy) your Overconfidence.

Playing a Brotherhood of the Bone character

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Brotherhood of the Bone

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