Guild Magic Store

Located in towns and cities, the franchised branches of the Guild Magic Store provide safe magical items to all who have money to pay.

The GMS exists because people were:

  • Selling bogus magic items When you swing this at an orc, it is extra powerful
  • Selling cursed magic items Once you wield this in combat, you’ll never want to put it down.
  • Selling only-mages-should-use-magic-items such as the 3rd fireball launched from this wand has zero range and 10x power.

The GMS stands behind their products – this item does what we tell you (although it might do more), not cursed, and they’ll even pay you to give them regular reports of where you are heading next. The fee is based on which valuable magical items you are taking with you. Sometimes people disappear, and a year later the GMS offers adventures information for the return of those items for rewards.

Services and fees:

Identification of magical items Free to customers (people who give their name accurately)
Recharging of wands Based on the base cost of the wand
Purchasing used magical items 70% cost of new in cash, or 80% cost of new in store credit
Exchanging store credit for cash 15% fee
Location report Pay you 1% of retail value of your non-expendable magic items for accurate, detailed description of where you are going. Can be done every 40 days (once in a Blue moon) outside of Summer. No one travels during Summer, and the GMS is closed for the season.
Returning lost items You deposit 25% value, they tell you of missing people and their items and their last known directions. If you return with those items, you can either sell them to the GMS for 80% value in cash or store credit, and they refund your deposit. If you don’t return within 40 days, they take your deposit.
Component purchasing Spot prices depending on demand. See local store for prices today.

If you want to be a member of the Guild and make items for them, you have to pass a 3 day interview process, and accept their delayed curse. If you sell them items you have made, they buy them at 90% retail, and if the items are cursed, the delayed curse cast on you kicks in. Their retail is 25% over the cost of making an item.

Guild Magic Store

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