Hansa clan

The Hansa clan currently runs the Empire, after successfully routing the Oberhardts with the help of two other clans over 100 years ago. The clan began as a trading league, taking the name from the Haseatic League of ancient Earth. As the fiefs that accepted membership in the Hansa clan, their military grew to protect trade routes, and their economic clout grew. Today many Hansa clans deal in business, if they don’t go into the military or politics.

The current membership requirements to join the clan are:
a) Son or daughter of a Hansa.
b) Son or daughter of a 20 year veteran of the Hansa armed forces (Town guard, patrolling trade routes, enforcement of edits, naval forces on the Central Sea or the Northern Ocean.)
c) Non-clan leader of a significant non-clan fief who is willing to buy their way in, and make the fief a Hansa fief. Usually the buy in is a combination of bribes, arranged marriages, and gifts of valuable assets (Mines, foundries, wineries, orchards.)

High society is important in the clan. All members who rule fiefs hold annual parties, dabble in charity balls, or Spring Cotillions. The dominate religions are mostly Umo (mainline or reformed) and a smaller section of Dixon.

Hansas excel at Calvary, fortification engineering and battle mages. A typical patrol of Hansa troops is one officer and 20 troopers, at least one cleric and one mage. Troopers with 10 years of experience can opt into the Navy, special operations, or town guards. Those with 15 years of experience can apply for elite guard, elite escort, and “plain clothes” work.

The Hansa clan still hold Oberhardts in contempt – boorish military jug heads who don’t understand what is important in ruling fiefs (Economics).

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Hansa clan

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