Jenkins Clan

Mary Jenkins arrived from earth, and her landing pod put her in the middle of the desert. Of the 8 on board, she alone survived. As a scientist (geology and metallurgy), she recognized the visible monolith mountain of mithril as unique and valuable. After a year of living in its shadow, she took a trip to civilization, sold some mithril, found a husband, hired some honest mercenaries, and led an expedition back to the mountain. Each year they sold some mithril, built more defenses and started a clan.

Membership in the Jenkins clan can come in one of the following ways:
a) Child of a Jenkins clan member who serves 2 years guarding the mountain.
b) Marry a Jenkins.
c) Serve honorably guarding the mountain for 3 years after working as a town guard in a Jenkins fief for at least 5 years.

The Jenkins are a conservative, family clan. They never let another clan member down. Their military is tight-knit, but otherwise uninspiring in tactics or capabilities. Clan members all carry partial to full mithril weapons, all stamped with the clan symbol. Anyone outside of the clan carrying such a weapon is fair game to be killed on the spot. Masters of forging, metallurgy, and magic make the clan successful in business.

Jenkins fiefs are always set to the lowest level of slavery. The fiefs are generally run with low to no taxes, promoting good wages for all, and protection of individual rights.

Jenkins clan members favor Bonig, Dixon, Reformed Umo, and a rare few followers of Thalm.

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Jenkins Clan

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