Kaka-Tora Clan

The Kaka-Tora clan grew out of families sent from Earth en mass around 300 AD. This was the first time State had sent complete, extended families.

Kaka-Tora are the mirror image of the Su-Yu clan, but where they differ is the legality of their products. The Kaka-Tora are a shadowy clan, with ties to the seedier side of Blugar’s World. Whenever a fief falls to the Kaka-Tora, most honest citizens move out. Even with such a bad reputation, no one ever tries to take over the Empire without them as an ally. The tattoo of the Kaka-Tora is a square black block, large enough to cover any previous ties to other clans. It is said that the Kaka-Tora invite people to join them. Invitations are usually extended to wanted criminals, and usually arrive about the same time as a KK letter of insurance premium. No one ever leaves the Kaka-Tora clan alive.

The clan favors the church of Thalm Reformed (Rob from the rich) and Ug Punisher. Some say they have ties to Brotherhood of the Bone, and the State Benevolent Society.

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Kaka-Tora Clan

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