Kirmse Clan

Behind every Kirmse clan member is another Kirmse clan member with a knife.” Southlands proverb

The Kirmse clan rarely fights other clans, rarely fields large armies, and will let in anyone that can past the entrance test. While most clans work to build larger power bases, the only Kirmses who recruit are those that currently have no power.

Once a Kirmse takes over a fief (usually by the death of another Kirmse), all other Kirmses are banned from entering the town. Despite these tactics, the Kirmse clan can be found across the Empire and continues to attract ruthless and talented people. Know a Kirmse by their hand on the dagger protruding from the back of another Kirmse.

Kirmse fiefs are usually well protected with loyal town guards. People who don’t care who runs the town as long as there is law and order in the streets love living in a Kirmse fief. The churches of Ug, Dixon, Bonig and even Umo are welcomed by Kirmse leaders.

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Kirmse Clan

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