New Years Day

Every year a transport ship arrives in high orbit. The cryogenics systems start thawing new colonists in their landers, and the landers are dropped into a lower orbit. The landers are similar to Apollo command module with 3 notable differences:

  • There is one door for each colonist, spaced out along the outside.
  • Each colonist is in a self-confined area.
  • Each colonist except for the “commander” is strapped down to the form fitting couch for their own safety.

The commander locks on to the landing beacon, and failing that attempts a manually landing. The lander hits the upper atmosphere and bleeds off speed. When it gets to subsonic speeds, the parachutes open for the soft descent to Blugar’s World.

The first landers shriek across the sky on New Years Day. The last ones for the year land 2 days later. New Years day, or day .001 of the year is a time of great celebration, renewal and excitement. Groups of people are organized to help the new colonists find the closest town, and transition to their new life. Orcs and ruthless people might see this as time to fleece the new arrivals.

For more information on dates and seasons see Days, moons, years, seasons

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New Years Day

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