Oberhardt Clan

General Oberhardt was the last successful hero of a general on Earth before State took over the governments and made war obsolete. After landing on Blugar’s World, he formed a new army made of former military (who were shipped out from earth for years because their skills were obsolete) and those who worshiped him as a great leader. His army took over fiefs, crushed bandit armies and warlords that were prevalent in the early empire, and eventually captured Katmandu in lightning set of raids on the gates, followed by a fast 3 day march of troops to secure the capital before the former clan (Fen-Fal) could respond. The General passed away, and the Fen-Fals made brutal attempts to assassinate the new leaders in the clan in a bid to take over the Empire. Eventually the Oberhardts laid down the law – all Fen-Fal fiefs were attacked, all leaders and their families killed. The Fen-Fals drifted into obscurity.

The Oberhardts concentrate on infantry, siege engines, military scouts and special forces (the Tumbleweed Troops). Their typical focus in ruling fiefs is military is nature – defense, development of weapon sources, food storage for sieges and roads for moving troops through quickly.

All Oberhardts rely on their sword brother skill to keep them alive in a fight. The style of combat they learn allows any two Oberhardts who end up together on a battlefield to support each other in both defense and offense. They feint and block for each other, putting their opponents at a great disadvantage. The Oberhardts joke that the Hansa cavalry ride in groups of 21 in case they run into 3 Oberhardt infantry.

Membership in the clan can be earned one way:
a) 1 year of training followed by 3 years of service in the Oberhardt army without any disciplinary actions. Any rule infraction adds another 3 years of service to join the clan.

The clan is mostly men, but some women make it through the rigorous training and hard life as infantry to succeed. Such woman who wear the Oberhardt tattoo command respect from all Oberhardt men.

The clan has three universities for clan members – NCO school for prepping to pass the sergeant test, Military school for officers (5 years of sergeant duty required) and the School of Fief Management (aka the Bureaucracy School). Few officers ever get their SFM degree.

The clan members enjoy freedom of religion. Wololita, Umo, Ug, and Vollum find members from the ranks of the army.

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Oberhardt Clan

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