You finally realized you are here for good. Excellent first step in getting ready for the real world. Now you might want to think about the “after-world”. The clerics of the churches work minor miracles every day here. You’ve seen some, perhaps, like healing the sick and fixing up broken legs or cuts and stuff. But as the tenants of each religions are different, so are the powers granted to the clerics.

For example, the clerics of Bonig are powerful in the ways of health, healing and happiness. They promise not to kill living creatures, but pit them against zombies and such ilk…. Being a follower is a good thing too, if you are prone to dying, they can bring you back. I tend to stay away from them, especially if they cast a bless spell. Sure, it makes you powerful against undead, but I’ve got 6 kids, and the 100% fertile side effect to the bless is not something that I need.

For those warrior types Wololita is your best bet for helping you fight the good fight. I was in a fight once and the cleric bound us to fight to the death. None of us, friend and foe, could run away from the other. “A fair fight weeds out the weak” she told us after it was over. They have plenty of paladins – any faithful that starts a battle can call out for that favor or curse. They don’t agree much with the Bonigites.

Umo has far fewer paladins. They have to stand up to standards of good moral character, unwavering devotion and good conduct. When their clerics aren’t out converting the masses to “the one true god”, they can be seen fighting evil and chaos like demons and orcs and such. They never hide the light of their calling, and their staffs never end a battle clean. Umoians are all right in my book.

Vollum is the goddess of pain and suffering. They will tell you there is always pain and suffering in the world, and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. The also say that the weak controlling their own destiny leads to suffering. The powerful are here to ‘restore order’, and a little pain reminds of you who wields power. They don’t like chaos, and are dead set against demons, but thank you no, I don’t really want to be healed, I say when a Vollumite cleric offers to help, it’s just a flesh wound. A white dagger is their holy symbol.

If you ever want to meet a trustworthy person, look for a holy symbol of Ug. Two faces, one very beautiful and trusting, the other brutal and full of revenge. Ugites or Uglies believe that you should trust everyone, and then seek revenge on those who betray your trust. The most dreaded words from their mouths to the ear of a merchant is “But what is this really worth, my friend?” If you ever get crossed and want revenge, seek out this church. And if you ever die without getting your revenge, don’t be surprised if you get a call from a cleric when you are sitting at The Bar asking if you want to come back to get your chance at revenge.

Are you a nature lover? The tree huggers of Gaia might be worth a visit. They have peaceful groves out in the woods, and pull together the forces of nature – Neptune of the sea, Mother Nature queen of the druids, The spirit of the air and The power of the rock. I’ve seen gaian clerics pull nearly dead people across a field to get them to a tree for “proper healing power”, and I’ve heard of dead people showing up in other people’s bodies. Animals trust them, and the wind and rocks tell them secrets. Heard tell they can travel tree to tree. If you lean this way, be prepared to sing Kumbiya and do lots of "um"s while sitting in circles….

Like to learn, love to teach? Dixon may be the right god for you to follow. Dixonites believe in learning and ‘betterment’. Something about making the world and the human race so much better now and into the future. Some of them are bookworms, some are archeologists, Their clerics can temporarily improve your skills, or even give you new ones to use. If you are up to fighting some big bad monster, they can get everyone to pool their skills and become even more powerfult, but there had better be some piece of knowledge to gain.

If you decide to follow one of these religions, you should pray every day with your local cleric. They get extra power for praying with the faithful. That extra power might make the difference between life and death for you. And being faithful might get you some help when you are in dire straits. Just don’t expect help to arrive before you die if you are a follower of Ug.

List of religions

Bonig Bonig Clerical Spells
Dixon Dixon Clerical Spells
Gaia Gaia Clerical Spells
Thalm Thalm Clerical Spells
Reformed Thalm Thalm Reformed Clerical Spells
Ug Ug Clerical Spells
Ug Punisher Ug Punisher Clerical Spells
Umo Umo Clerical Spells
Fundamentalist Umo Umo Fundamentalist Clerical Spells
Reformed Umo Umo Reformed Clerical Spells
Vollum Vollum Clerical Spells
Reformed Vollum Vollum Reformed Clerical Spells
Wololita Wololita Clerical Spells
Reformed Wololita Wololita Reformed Clerical Spells

Other religious information

Turning Undead


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