Rolling up a character

There are three steps to create a new character:

  1. Come up with a concept
  2. Meet with GM to talk about concepts
  3. If earthborn, survive your delivery to Blugar’s World.

Meet with the GM to talk about concepts

Many games systems have strict classes. Sorry, threw that out at the start. Creating a character in GURPS is the start of something. The start has hints of what the character might become over time, or the character could grow based on experience. What do you want the character to be able to do?

Survive your delivery to Blugar’s World

You have no skills, or magic powers – time to flesh out the character with some role-playing. You have a set number of points to “buy” stuff, but ignore the mechanics for a moment, and step into the story. Some characters die soon after arrival on Blugar’s World. You just aren’t ready when your capsule touches down, or you make bad choices. Go back to step 1. Most survive, and gain skills and items and are ready to enter into the campaign.

Tip – unless you plan to be a cleric, hold off on picking a religion until you meet your future group of adventurers.

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Rolling up a character

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