Slavery in the Empire

Inside the Empire, slavery is legal. Escaped slaves can be caught and returned to their owners by anyone. Slaves are typically marked with tattoos on the neck and right forearm. If a slave gains “papers” for freedom, there is also a fancy (two week process) tattoo that says “Has Paid for Freedom” that is put on the right forearm.

Slave owners are granted these rights by the Empire.

  • Right to chase and apprehend escaped slaves anywhere.
  • Right to ask local clan troops to search and seize any home suspected in hiding runaway slaves in their fief.
  • Right to buy, sell and free slaves as they wish.

Fief rulers have to post a sign at the entrance to the fief that states what level of slavery they support. This is an important part of travel – check out the city’s slavery level!

  • “Full Slavery” denotes a town where criminals, war refugees and vagabonds can be put into slavery. The rulers of these towns either are looking for strong law and order, or they like being able to throw anyone they want into slavery. Slaves have no rights in Full Slavery fiefs. Hansa and Su-Yu fiefs are often, but not always, Full Slavery fiefs.
    Known full slavery towns:
    • Wilkie
  • “Protected Slavery” means that slaves may not be put to death except for life threatening crimes in cases tried by a judge. People can not be put into slavery, only slaves from other places and those born to slavery are slaves. Kirmse and KakaTora clans often use this level of slavery.
    Known protected slavery towns:
    • None
  • “Limited Slavery” is the lowest level of meeting the laws of the Empire. Slaves are treated as citizens in the eyes of the law, and cannot be “greatly harmed” by their owners. Children born of slaves are not slaves. All Jenkins and most Oberhardt fiefs enforce this level of slavery.
    Known limited slavery towns:
    • Southern Cross
  • “Non-Slave” or “Free Slave” signs have appeared now and then within the Empire, especially with the recent slave rebellions. Any slaves making it to one of these fiefs is freed, and usually trained in weapon use. Slave owners in the area generally put pressure on the Empire or surrounding fiefs to crush fiefs like this within weeks of their appearance.*
    Known full slavery towns:
    • None

Slavery in the Empire

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