Su-Yu Clan

The Su-Yu clan grew out of families sent from Earth en mass around 300 AD. This was the first time State had sent complete, extended families. The Su-Yu clan which grew up is formed of business people who specialize in franchised legal merchandise and transportation. They have worked with other clans to build up reliable transportation
on Empire roads. Their army is formed of caravan guards and fat wallets.

The clan is composed mainly of family members. Outsiders who want to join the clan either marry into the family, or come up with the corner on the market and then offer to make it Su-Yu franchise with a base franchise fee and residuals to any family member who will accept them. It is a dangerous thing to take a monopoly on an important or valuable product to the Su-Yu – they might welcome you with open arms or unsheathed arms.

The clan holds no official policy on churches. Some members researching the next great monopoly worship Dixon. Some who want people to deal honestly with them wear holy symbols of Ug.

If the Ferengi ever make it to Blugar’s World, the Su-Yu will be there to sell them landing rights.

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Su-Yu Clan

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