Swordbrother skill

This is a house rule for the swordbrother skill. This is a draft version. This skill is a Dex Hard skill which requires the ability to track a minimum of 2 – your opponent and the other person with sword brother skill. You have to train with the other person at least 8 hours to understand their moves, and their techniques. If Johnny trains with Billy, and they are using axe and longsword when they train, then they can use SB skill with those weapons. If Billy changes to a short sword, they have to retrain.

The benefits:

• Able to work with (SB skill / 4, round down) total of people, including yourself. This means you need a skill of 8 to have two working together, 12 for 3 people, 16 for 4 people, 20 for 5 people, etc. You also need to track each SB for coordinating movements.

• Feint and transfer the benefits to all SB’s currently working with you (see limit above) who can reach the same tracked foe.

• At the beginning of each round, roll against your SB skill. Half the amount you make by is the bonus you grant the mutually tracked SB’s who are working with you. This bonus stacks. This bonus is for attacks only.

• Swap positions with a mutually tracking SB who is next to you, sacrificing your free move as well as theirs. Note that by using their free move from their next turn, it means that they are not able to do any maneuver that involves movement on that turn.

• Receive benefits from any of the above.

Oberhardt SB works the same, but is standardized so interchangeable. This also means that it can be blocked:

• Transfer of feint first requires a successful contest of skill (OSB vs. OSB). If the feinter wins, he is capped at the lower of how much he made his feint contest by and how much he made his OSB contest by.

• Bonus transferred requires a successful contest roll; the bonus granted is capped by the amount that the contest was won by.

Both must take a 10 point Unusual Background – how you came about this skill.

Swordbrother skill

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