When a cleric of Thalm comes to the poor part of town, lives are enriched as are pockets. The church has few rich patrons, as the credo of owning only what you can protect, and distributing the rest to make all equal doesn’t result in rich people.

Thalmites strongly believe in enforcing their belief system on others, and will happily take excess from anyone that doesn’t protect it. They usually are very open about this part of their religion, just like Ugites are open about trusting everyone. If Ugites pays a Thalmite to protect their house, everything will be there when the Ugite returns. But if the same Ugite loads up a wagon full of goods and leaves it alone on a city street, the frame of the empty wagon will be on blocks when the Ugite returns. Key here is that if someone pays or works to keep their possessions safe, then it would be a sin to steal them, but if someone doesn’t protect what is theirs, then it isn’t theirs.

This message is not understood by the local authorities. The Thalmites set up a temple, people start reporting minor thefts, and the town guard will try to solve the problem with brute force. Every raid of a temple will usually yield no stolen goods, but in “uncivilized” towns may result in the accidental cross-bow death of the local priest. Thalmite temples therefor tend to be well hidden, and their priests will hide their holy symbol with no loss of respect from their god.

Thalmite clerics tend to be low key, nondescript people, or those with such a good cover that none would question their honesty. To the people that may not become converts, they do not announce their presence with titles or displays of power.

Thalmite paladins, on the other hand, must live a true Robin Hood existence. To rob from the rich/under protected and give (almost) all to the poor is the goal, and as they are demonstrating their religion by their action, they must be openly a Thalmite. Only when acting as part of a planned heist will they hide who they are, and otherwise they rely on grassroots support from the poor to keep them safe.

Reformed Thalm preaches most of the same ideas, except the part about distribution to the poor. If the mainline churches are hard to find, the reformed churches are even more hidden, and Reformed Thalmite paladins are unheard of.

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