Ugites, or Uglies as they are sometimes called, would be the ultimate walking victim – they must trust everyone they meet, for distrust is a sin. The only problem with this plan is the other side of Ug – revenge. Nothing is worse to an Ugite than a wrong not avenged.

While most new members to the church have trouble living a life of complete trust (“Forgive me Truster, for I have sinned. This week I didn’t believe the fish monger’s claim of no lower price anywhere, and I didn’t trust brush salesman that I couldn’t live without her new camel hair brush….”), all members of the faith have no problem with the concept of revenge.

Paladins and clerics of Ug have to live both sides of Ug. They can get into very dangerous situations, but must trust all around them until a) their trust is broken or b) it is obvious they are enemies. The latter is very difficult – State, demons, and land rollers generally aren’t friends, but if a thief hasn’t stolen anything from you yet, you have to trust that he or she won’t and not attack first. This does not mean you have to be stupid – you can keep an eye on them, or run away. You just can’t draw your weapon and tell them to keep their distance because you suspect they will try to take your money.

On the revenge side, every Ugite agrees that people can’t take revenge for someone else but they can help. If a child is upset that orcs killed both parents, the true Ugite will not hunt down the orcs without the help of the child. More likely the Ugite would put the child into a monastery to learn combat and the way of Ug so that later they could exact the revenge that is demanded.

Ugites don’t go out of their way to help non-Ugites seek revenge either, unless they are willing to convert and help seek revenge. The church is divided however on the nature of revenge. The main church says an eye for an eye – if you killed my father, then I will kill your father. If you swindled me out of 1000 gold pieces, then I will cause you to lose at least 1000 gold pieces. The Order of Exact Revenge work hard to get exactly the same revenge – if you killed my father with a bar stool, I will kill your father with a bar stool. If you swindled me out of 1000 gold pieces, then I must swindle you out of 1000 gold pieces.

The long term goal of Ug is to get everyone in human society to trust each other and not infringe on others rights. This will lead to a place without theft, murder, corruption, unfair taxes, and unhappiness. Anyone that is willing to break trust has to learn the correct way of life, and revenge is the only way to teach others not to break trust.

It is not unusual for the head of a local church to trust a non-believer with all of his or her finances. This demonstrates trust, and reduces the need to seek revenge. Such financial advisers are usually very shrewd with their business dealings, as the one who trusted them with the funds is the one that will likely seek revenge.

Holy Symbol:
A totem of the two-faced god – beautiful woman and angry man.

Clerical Ranks (in order):
Friendly Father (or Mother)
High Truster
High Revenger
Bishop of Trust

Ug Clerical Spells

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