To the followers of Umo, Umo is the One True God. There are only the believers and the unfaithful in the world. The unfaithful are either future converts or vile heathens. Umo is the god of righteousness and light.

The church is one of the oldest on the planet, and as any institution made by humans, it has split up over the years. Branches within the church include the Fundamentalist Church of Umo (gold and magic are evil and should be destroyed), the Reformed Church of Dossiwollips (the head of the church, the Ayatollah, is just a human) and Order of St. Judy (patron saint of battle).

Clerics and paladins never hide this light, and say that the battle against evil is a battle against darkness.

Holy Symbol:
A staff with a continual light globe on top

Clerical Ranks (in order):

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