“Only through pain and suffering can one truly know Vollum” Daily prayer

Clerics of the Goddess of pain and suffering push the idea that pain and suffering promote strength. Inflicting pain and suffering on others shows who is boss and motivates the weak to realize their potential or perish. Organization and strong planning will eventually convert the world to a proper state, then Vollum will walk with the righteous on Blugar’s World. This is their dream of a first coming.

Several things attract people to the church. A popular proselytizing method is feeding of the starving in time or drought and famine – usually there just isn’t enough food to meet demand and only the strongest who fight to the front of the line survive. Victims of crime, demon cults and war like the strict anti-chaos line of the church.

All followers receive a white dagger from the church at their confirmation (not something for the squeamish to watch). The followers remove the blade from their own body and that is their holy symbol for life.

The main enemies of the church are followers of Bonig, Umo, and Demons, although on rare occasion Umoians have teamed up with Vollumites to destroy demons. Vollumites hate all those misguided do-gooders that protect the weak, because the weak never realize their full potential.

Holy Symbol:
White dagger

Clerical Ranks (in order):

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