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Suspected Jnda Ninjas Attack
The Honorable Priest Jeremy Horsanna was out for a late night stroll with some friends when the attack occurred. A stealthy deadly Ninja dropped out of the sky right in front of him. He tried to defend himself, but was no match for the devilish creature. His friends tried to help, but another assassin with a State gun was on a rooftop picking them off and two of them died from gun shot wounds through the head.
They had us surrounded, except back towards my church” he says.
From the evidence left in the street of eviscerated bodies of two of his other friends, local authorities suspect the assassins ate human flesh of their victims before fleeing the scene.
My friend John was doing his best to hold them off one minute and the next he was gone without a trace” says the tearful padre.
When will the authorities make it safe for law-abiding citizens to walk the streets after dark? Will the citizens take up arms and restore order in the streets?

John’s Stuff & Inn Closed
A fire broke out in the local retail motel on Hyde Street. The owner was in the process of evicting suspicious characters from their rented room when the fire broke out.
I run a clean establishment, and these yahoos from outside the neighborhood trashed the place. Besides the fire, they removed a bar on the window. How do law breaking thieves like this run loose around a family neighborhood like this?
His trust in mankind may be battered, but he vows to rebuild and open next Fall.
One of them that checked in matches those wanted posters I seen today. I don’t run that kind of place. Slavery is the law of the empire, and I’m a lawful subject.
Until next Fall, he and his new bride are taking a well deserved honeymoon.

Leena Inverse Spotted In Town
Wanted posters describe Leena as an escaped slave, wanted for murder and witchcraft. Someone matching her description was seen last night dragging a body of her latest victim done the street.
She was the right height, but her face and hair didn’t match the poster. Maybe she used her dark powers to steal someone’s appearance.” says an anonymous witness. Fearing for the life of the witness, this paper is not going to reveal its source.
Anyone seeing her is requested to report her whereabouts to any law-abiding slaver.

Tragedy Strikes Twice for Local Temple
After the murder of several friends in the streets, mourners in the temple were shocked their holy rituals were interrupted by chaotic forces last night.
It looked like a dragon, it breathed fire like a dragon, and it slayed innocent people like a dragon” says a parishioner.
This reporter was shocked by the number of slain bodies, their throats slashed by the dragon’s claws. The smells of charred flesh made it unbearable to examine the evidence of this crime scene.
When it attacked, my first concern was the safety of the faithful.” says Priest Horsanna. “Many fled to safety, but the loss of life here was not preventable.
It is suspected the dragon was directed by elements of chaos. It was possibly a mother dragon, as a young dragon carried off at least one victim, according to all accounts.

Ghosts of Anchor Hill

Jax’s Journal

History: 600 years ago State went on a rampage in its desire to wipe out and eliminate all technology on Blugar’s World. In doing so State Troopers razed Anchor City to the ground. Back then, Anchor City had a lighthouse – a lighthouse run by electricity! Today the site of Anchor City is now known as Anchor Hill and Anchor City has moved down closer to the water.

Barrett gathers the group while we wait in Anchor City to hear back from Kevin. A young kid needs help and based off the stories he’s heard of Barrett he can help him. The young kid, Cody is a tunnel rat. He and his buddies “excavate” the ruins of Anchor Hill for treasure. Cody’s buddy Hank was grabbed by creatures with glowing eyes just a few hours ago!
Sensing adventure Barrett gathered the group whom was only too eager to escape the confines of the inn. Laying low in Anchor City waiting for information – its boring!
Cody leads Barrett, Jax, Lina, Missy and Tesla out of town via a “secret passage”. As we travel we get the low down on what happen. Cody and his friend Hank dug their way into branch Five from branch Four under the ruins of Anchor Hill. Anchor Hill is now used to grow grapes – vines cover all old previous structures that once existed. Cody and his friends for several years now have dug all-round the hill. Recently the kids found a magic sword which his friend Hank used to slay a huge rat! A few days back they while digging to branch Five they found a sign that said “cotangent” – Hank knows how to read.
Entering the Third branch we travel to the Fourth and find a tunnel that isn’t badly constructed – for kids that is… I wouldn’t want to trust their excavation skills on my life however. We head into the tunnel on hands and knees. Seriously – in all the “Delvers of the Deep” adventures I read not one of them ever mentioned crawling on hands and knees. The further and further in we travelled the more shoddy the tunnel construction became – if anyone sneezed wrong I swear the tunnel would collapse on us!
Missy finds the end of the tunnel and busts through the wood planks blocking her – only to have herself dragged out of the tunnel and into a room full of glowing green… “Ghosts!” she yells! Being at the end of a long line deep in a tunnel sucks. The ghosts wail and but we’re a tough group and rather than flee we perceiver on! One by one – round by round the group gets “yanked” into the room full of ghosts. The ghosts fail in attempting to “toss” Missy into a cage at the back of the room but ultimately Cody, Barrett and Lina find themselves in the cage – invisible hands throw them in and bar the door!
Meanwhile while the invisible hands grapple with Missy, Tesla starts trying to converse with the ghosts asking them questions but the only response we hear is “Jailor” in multiple languages. Tesla is pinned to the wall above the tunnel exit – apparently there is no more room in the cage. Hank – whom was apparently freed from the cage when Missy first showed up started heading my way down the tunnel – crap – there is not enough room in this poorly constructed tunnel to go around each other! I quickly blink to the other side of Hank in the tunnel fearful for my life – not from the ghosts – but a 13 year old freaked out kid who could cause the entire tunnel to collapse!
Barrett starts talking at his point – very compellingly. I’ve never heard him speak this way before… Barrett starts telling a story and everyone myself included stops to listen. After Barrett’s story we talk with the ghosts. They appear as decayed old clothing glowing green floating in the air about us. The group finds out that these ghosts were infected with Green Death Zombie disease ~600 years ago. They were all thrown into the tunnels alive and became infected with GDZ dying a slow death. They haunted the hill all this time. The ghosts want revenge, they want to infect us and have us travel back out into the world and infect others! Barrett tells them to fly to earth. Then quickly corrects himself and tells them that the closest place he’s heard rumors of State is on the… Moon!? WTF? How did State get on the moon I wonder… the ghosts zip out the tunnel and disappear.
Now that we are all infected what will we do? Tesla contacts Kevin. I talk with Montra whom fled at the ghost’s wails – she is going to look for some mages outside town whom can help us. A few hours later Montra returns with a few mages in tow whom strangely enough have Detect and Cure Green Death Zombie disease! What a coincidence! The mages are kind enough to write the spells down on scrolls for us to learn after curing us. The kids return home to their parents and we return to the drudgery of waiting inside an inn to hear back from Kevin.

Missy Adventures Another Rabbit Hole

Dearest Diary, why won’t you speak to me? I guess because you are nothing more than just a book. I must confess that I was hoping for more.
Anyways. When we got back to Southern Cross from all that horrid Griffin stuff I had several weeks to visit with all of the former members of the Adventurers Guild. The stories Barret’s parents told! And to read about magic, I never knew I had the talent to be a wizard! Or is it witch? I have read many stories about how both terms are evil so a am a fizzle! I am a good fizzle who learns good magic. Oh right, on with the newest adventure.
We are off on a new adventure to Anchor City to thwart slavers. A wonderful cause in my opinion! Kevin has gone in in disguise to gather more information. Sadly the rest of us have just been hanging out in a tavern. I mean I have gotten good studying time in on magic and how to be a good fizzle. But I must confess I do crave adventure.
Barret stormed into the room where the rest of us were staying. I still think of Barret as that very rude donkey from when we first met. He certainly is as abrupt. Lena and Jax were in the room with me. Jax, well he is kinda cute but rather aloof and does tend to talk with himself… I have tried to make friends with Lena but she seems rather shy and she is into owls and not cats and dogs.
Sorry Diary, back to the adventure. Barret stormed in with news that some child had asked for our help saving his friend. Of course we would help! Jax seemed unsure but I ran outside with Barret to meet the young boy asking our help. After answering our questions he led us through a secret tunnel under the town wall and to the “Tree’s” as he called them. An ancient catacombs it would seem.
The “Tree’s” date back over 600 years when State purged the area of any technological advancement. In their day this was a thriving metropolis.
We got to the fifth tree, I believe it was, and where the young tunnel rats had burrowed a tunnel to what they believed would be treasure. Treasure was not what they had found but instead a horrific event. During their burrowing the tunnel rats had found a sign in many languages but in our said contagion. Not sure exactly what that means.
We, well me first as I have my mental protections, descended down the tunnel the tunnel rats had dug. Tunnels? Why are all of my adventures around tunnels? I rarely have read about adventures and tunnels but that seems to be all my adventures are about… Sorry Diary, was digressing.
I came to the end of the tunnel and where the “cork” was and I pushed it open only to be sucked into a chamber of entities. I confess I was momentarily startled when I was suddenly in the center of a room filled with two dozen creatures that were probably going to try to eat my flesh from my warm body.
Oddly the entities did not directly attack me. I kept feeling a pulling sensation to the ancient iron cage in the room but I fought it off. I saw several of my adventuring companions not fare so well and were sucked into the cage which then closed upon them.
I heard some words then all of the apparitions, as I realized they were ghosts, chanted “Jailer” in many languages. In my concern for my fellow adventurers I assaulted the iron cage holding my fellow adventurers with all of my will. As I began such Barret began singing loudly in quite a clear and penetrating voice and everyone and everything seemed to stop. In my focus to free my fellow adventurers I paid it little mind until I had ripped the ancient cage apart to release my fellow adventurers so they were released.

Back In Anchor City
Back in Anchor City

Carlos Jornal (alias Kevin (alias …))

With much trepidation I am back in Anchor City. I am trying to help my guild members deal with some BOB characters running an odd slavery gig. Being in Anchor City has brought back a lot of memories, both bad and good. I have been on the run and on my own for so long that it felt good to see some old friends. It has been so long since I have been part of a good, well planned sting. Nothing compares to thrill that one experiences as danger and risk are looming. Perhaps I may have said too much…

Retrieving Asta

Jax’s Journal

Interesting fact – It should come as no surprise that even the Hansa’s don’t trust the postal clan! For all their very important mail – specifically military Generals and what not – the Hansa’s use metal envelops!

Day 46 started with disappointing news soon followed by excellent news and a decision made that I hope we do not regret.

Tesla, Asta’s half-brother (a newly minted Jenkins) and his “Aunt” moved into the Adventurer’s Guild. I swear they will let anyone join – and now we have more of Asta’s family! Crap. Tesla professes to know how to fight well but excels at spell casting. Time will tell. His “Aunt” – I don’t think she is really his Aunt – appears to be an old battle axe… an aggressive, domineering and forceful woman. She’s a spell caster to boot.
After a brief set of introductions Barrett and I were saved by the postal clan of all people. Mail call! TWO letters – one for Barrett and one for Jax. Both in metal envelopes! We received our letters and shut the door on the face of the substitute postal clan member. He was very keen on knowing what was contained in these letters.
Barrett’s letter was from – I think her name is Fiona – the Hansa ice bitch from the Blackberry Festival. I have no idea whom mine was from! It read:

“Jax Jenkins
Adventurers Guild

Asta is 1.2 km south south east of Barton. She is in great danger. Rescue her as soon as possible.
Beware: she has been charmed and will resist the rescue.”

Well this is certainly interesting. I could have right then and there destroyed the letter and not said a word about it. For the good of the Guild however, I did promise to support the Guilds activities and in doing so its members. It wouldn’t be good to not save or support other members of the guild.
I rallied the troops and we met in the common room along with Tesla. I presented the letter to the group – Barrett, Tesla and Lina. Not sure where the other folks were… Should we pursue Asta? Again it’s a quandary we all had to pause to think about. There was no immediate “let’s go!” from the group. That in itself should tell you their opinions of Asta. Lina after a few moments grabs the letter from my hand and rips it in half. “Problem solved.” She said. “What letter?”. I had to contain my mirth at that – well done! In the end, my oath to the Guild prevailed. We hitched the wagons and headed to some small out of the way place deep in Oberhardt territory called Barton. My only highlight of the trip was that we had to travel through New Fandango – that meant a stop at Elsie’s! That meant a night in the most wonder bed I have ever slept in! YES!
Prior to leaving Southern Cross Barrett interviewed some town bums – he pays them to inform him about “new” people in town. Apparently ~6 days ago the bums helped some strangers by leading Asta to their stagecoach outside town. Astar talked with the strangers (archtypes?) and got in the stagecoach apparently of her own volition. Tesla was able to confirm this will a spell which allowed us to view the events that transpired in this area several days in the past. Three of the four strangers – they looked like triplets! State clones perhaps!? Ohhh… what new conspiracy is this now?
We arrived in Barton and noticed that – a lot of inbreeding went on here! Either that or they were all State clones! It was quite obvious who was and was not a “townie”…the town was guarded not by Oberthardts but by xx_forgot_name_xx. Hired merc’s basically.
We stayed at an Inn outside town that night. Tesla noticed that some of the townies were mucking about our horses and wagon! We told the Innkeeper, who woke a guard, who woke yet more guards. The guards noisily stomped out of the Inn and loudly announced they were going to search the barn. So subtle… NOT! I send Montra to the back of the barn and she trails half a dozen townies into town where they immediately split up. Tesla trails one to a house with an invisible wizard eye – the eye makes it through the front door and then – not sure what happen here but the individual ran back out another door in the house and the eye couldn’t get through it… Lina’s owl kept watch that night – nothing else amiss happen.
I searched the wagon and the horses and found four “bugs” – small dots of magic placed on the wagon. I silently picked these off the wagon. I secure them where they cannot listen or perhaps see anything the group does. (I place them in an envelope, wrap them tightly in wool clothing, lots of sound and sight dampening material and stick them deep into my bag of holding.) Lina talks to the horses and the horses indicate that they went on a trip – backwards. We believe one of the townies used a spell or psionics on the horses to see where they came from. The horses traveled all the way back to the Adventurers Guild…
The next morning a townie arrives and tells us we’re not welcome here and to leave. I tell him we’re not leaving without seeing her first. I don’t even say her name and they know what I’m talking about. The townie tells us to stay in the inn. He leaves and heads to the watch tower outside town. A short time later Asta appears. You know as soon as I see her my blood pressure starts to rise and I immediately regret ever coming to “save” her. We convince Asta to come back home with us – however she’s fully convinced that she needs to stay, to finish “important” work. We explain she’s been charmed and eventually after talking with a townie outside concedes to come with us. Only as long as it takes to cast a dispel magic on herself to prove she’s not been charmed. After talking with the townie before leaving Asta has no memories of what she was doing but she wrote herself a note so she would return later. Whatever…
I retrieve the communication ring she was holding on to after the Griffin mission – I feel sorry for the person on the other end LOL.
On the way back home we once again stop outside a kaka-tora clan town – we previously stayed at the Inn on the way down. High security inn mind you! Force fields AND bars on the windows! (I don’t fully understand the purpose of both… I think the force field would suffice.) The group is approached by a finely dress man who wants to buy the ring I liberated from Asta. 3mp! Seems like a more than fair price to me however – the Guild Magic Store told us they would buy it for 200-300gp. What’s the deal here!? The gentleman says either someone needs to wear it or he will buy it from us. Lina wants a million mithril for it – dull surprise. I’m curious now – what’s the deal with the ring – Asta stated that no one ever talked to her through it. She was able to take it on and off with no detrimental effects… I slip the ring on and tell the gentleman I’m wearing it. He’s happy with that arraignment and leaves. He wouldn’t divulge his employer…I considered selling it but I’m still frustrated after the whole dragon bound “story book” fiasco. I was ripped off!
Back in New Fandango Barrett confers with Misha Hansa and Elsie. Elsie hears about the letter from the ice bitch and doesn’t talk to Barrett again. Misha wants to see the letter I received. I’m totally prepared to hand it over when the ring starts talking to me in my head!

“No. Take that letter back!”

Now, the group has already professed to NOT see things i do. Honestly that’s their problem not mine. Rather than tell them I’m talking to the ring, I start talking to myself. It crushes me – Misha offers to give me a bed of my own! He offers to give a bed to all of us in exchange for the ripped letter I have. The handwriting on the letter does not match that of the Hansa regents he says. The ring again speaks to me:

“The letter came from me. If the letter gets into the Hansas’ hand, I lose a form of secure communications.”

Ok this is crazy even for me. The ring did help us track down Asta – still not sure why but I strongly suspect the townies were using her for nothing good. I ask the ring: are you for law or chaos. It says its on the side of law. (Seriously why trust a ring? As paranoid as I am – Asta is a tool for chaos, left to her own means she is bad news.) I take a risk and side with the ring and cry over the fact that I’m sure I’ll never be welcome back (as much as a Jenkins’ is ever welcome) into Misha’s keep and never sleep in the best bed in the world! ARG! I miss dinner that night. I was not the only one however – apparently Elsie did as well.
Back home Asta casts Dispel Magic on herself and immediately starts to prepare for her trip back. She has a letter from herself and no memory of it – go figure… Before letting people back into the Guild I scan everyone for magical bug dots again – I don’t want these getting into the Guild!
The ring says I can trust Barrett and I tell him and only him about the ring. I tell him NOT to tell the Hansas’ or anyone else. Barrett still doesn’t appear happy knowing what I told him. So I ask the ring – what is the benefit (something along those lines) of wearing it? Why do I wear it?
The next morning a package appears on the steps of the Guild – it contains 10mp and a note “You happy now?” That’s I not what I meant!

A Training Session

Now try it with her again.
Do I have to? How about if I do Barret instead? He’s so musical and poetic. Even Jax has a nice linear, paranoid mind.
No, if you can follow her thoughts, you can follow anyone’s. We don’t learn skills nearly as well if we only do the easy ones. Just try it and repeat what you “hear”.
OK, here goes…

The rocks in this cave look cool. I definitely need to study geology. Oooh, that one’s shiny. What color is shiny anyway? I like colors. Wonder if Polly is OK. Oh, and Barret, too. Oh yeah, I cured him, so he’ll be fine. Wonder if he had the same disease as Polly? Maybe that’s why the Oberhardts were asking about him. Oberhardt has a nice sound to it, even if it’s spelled funny. Why do we say something is “funny” when we mean “strange”? Language is funny. Wonder how it started. Oh cool, an underground lake and boat! Wonder if I can swim; maybe I should try it. Later I guess since we’re boarding. Oh a button! I love pushing buttons! Wow, we’re moving pretty fast. This would make a great amusement park ride. I didn’t get a chance to go to the Katmandu Amusement Park and ride a roller coaster. I’m sure I’d like roller coasters, especially since they go faster than what we think of as “coast”. I’ve never been to the coast. I’d love to see something as big as the ocean, and the things I could study there…! Oh, cool, piranhas! Wonder if I put a finger through the water dome if they would stick around long enough for me to study them. If we count in base 10 because of the number of fingers we have, would piranhas count in a base equal to a row of their teeth? Oops, too late, they’re gone. Maybe next time. Hey what’re those large, dark blobs. Too bad I can’t see faster. How can someone see faster? I’ll have to ask about that at the University. I really want to learn more about whoever designed all this cool stuff! Oh, ghouls, too! This adventure’s great, even if we haven’t had a chance to split the party yet! Barret would have found a way. Oh, Missy’s net’s working well at holding the ghouls back. What? The ground’s sticky and ghouls are swinging from the ceiling, too? What a clever trap! I can’t wait to tell Mom. Let’s see.. If kinetic energy is 1/2mv^2, and the pendulum swings at an arc of a perfect circle, they would hit at… Oooh! Hitting Missy’s shield has gotta hurt. Wait, what, we’re going back already? Oooh, piranhas again… Darn, gone already. A postal employee! They go everywhere! I should mail something to nowhere just to see where it goes. Oh, look…

Ow, ow, ow. I can’t take it anymore! I have to stop!
That’s OK; you did well to last as long as you did. Rest up and we’ll go on to the next lesson.

Missy-Adventures: A Brief respite

Dear Journal,

I find people very odd. They slogged through the rain and mud despite my offers to carry them. Jax has his own weather shield so was fine, Barret forge through the muck and rain almost like it was a rite of passage and the rest just endured. That night there was a tremendous explosion of light coming from where we had battled the Manticore’s and Griffin’s .

Anyway, we got back to the Inn. Jax and Rodney tried to sleep and then Asta of all people came to get me to help with a negotiation regarding the eggs which I have clearly made clear on numerous occasions we should have destroyed. What is wrong with Asta! I have made my point very, very clear on this subject and she still tries to involve me. Is she mentally damaged!?

Jax and Kevin. They sleep happily under my protection. Well until Jax was awoken by Barret’s singing and then he went to help Lina with something briefly. I finished my Sculpture of Misha Hansa, my finest sculpture yet I might add. I will give it to Barret, since he was the one who secured our lodgings with Misha Hansa, so he can present it to Misha Hansa on our way past new Fendeo with our guilds thanks. Perhaps the Hansa’s will have wondrous quests for us in the future!

A True Cleric of Dixon visited me. We had a wonderful dialog but I could not go with him that day. He was looking for Asta but she was not available, probably to the cleric’s betterment. The next day I did go with the cleric to visit the Dixon Library in town and it contained much knowledge! I wish I could stay here for weeks and study but the rest of my group has another adventure planned.

Griffin Glands (part 3)

Jax’s Journal

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is a commodity. I already explained to the group how just walking into the Guild Magic Store allows them to scan a person. I need to have a talk with the group about talking with others as well. Barrett, Asta, Margine they are just so damn trusting – I’m not even sure trusting is the word to use. Ok I should expect that from Margine but Barrett? Asta? Maybe gullible is a better word?
It continued to rain all day after our fight with the griffins. And after clearing loot from the griffin nests we packed up and headed back to the Inn outside Workstail. Again fairly miserable for the group with the exception of Missy and I whom remained dry. Camping that night Kevin and I volunteered to take first watch. We switched four hours later with Barrett and Asta. I swear I just fell asleep when Montra woke me with a cry of alarm. Stumbling out of my tent all I could get from people was that a big bright flash of light illuminated the forest from the direction we came earlier in the day. Barrett was already stumbling off in that general direction in the dark. Crazy fool overconfident bard is going to get himself killed one of these days! I call Montra to my shoulder and she leads me through the dark woods so I can catch up with Barrett.
Barrett wants to investigate the flash of light and noise that accompanied it. Nothing I said could convince him otherwise. Until I explained to him that there was no one left in camp to protect us. At that point he conceded and accompanied me back to camp. Returning to camp we quickly packed up our things and continued our hike back to Workstail in the dark. Yes it was still raining…
We arrived early in the afternoon of the next day – Kevin and I were dog tired. We went to our room and passed out while Missy watched over us and our loot. The rest of the group eager to turn in the griffin glands headed out to the Guild Magic Store.
Again I was rudely awoken! This time someone wanted to buy a griffin egg for 10,000gp – an egg in any state – dead or alive it would seem. I told the group if someone’s going to offer you 10,000gp for the egg I was going to be allowed to research by all means hell yea sell it! Seriously I didn’t tell the group this but; I wasn’t really going to do anything with it anyway – I’d have frozen it, preserved it and kept it as a memento. Apparently while Kevin and I slept the word spread that we had not only griffin eggs but manticore tails. Prospective buyers were lining up for both!
Asta, Lina and Margine cut a deal with the Oberhardt’s for their griffin eggs and future training while I slept. Good for them I think to myself. I hope it all works out. The three of them were gone for several days. That left Kevin, Barrett, Missy and I to guard our loot. Barrett made a killing for the innkeeper singing downstairs. Kevin thankfully hung out with me most of the time while Missy and Barrett swapped in and out.
A woman by the name of Sally expressed interest in one manticore tail. Apparently Lina told her it would cost 10 million gold for just one! That’s pretty funny considering that they probably for 500gp or so. Sally offered me 2 mithril for just one! Crazy price but as I stated at the start of this journal entry – knowledge is power. Knowledge is a commodity. I asked for knowledge in exchange for the tail – arcane knowledge. She came back the next day with a dragon skin bound book. A “storybook” she called it – most assuredly magical. The first page started with a picture of the group and griffins… Missy was practically drooling over it! Seems like a good trade to me – done deal. I assured Missy she could read it after I identified and examined it first.
For the next day or so I identified a few of the magical items retrieved from the griffin nests. I examined many of the items both magically and non-magically. Again, the knowledge in knowing how an object was made, its history, can be just as interesting as the enchantments on the item itself. Three items I make note of in my journal for their extraordinary… uniqueness…

  • A black sword – this sword has never seen a forge! It has no weapon smith marks on it or anything to indicate it was crafted. It “just feels right”. It’s a vampiric blade – but there is more to this… It is evil, must be careful.
  • A mithril shield – the shield itself is a marvel! Almost wafer thin it’s approximately 2-3 pure mithril pieces. The kicker however is that it was forged by dwarves! Mind boggling – my entire time in the Jenkins clan and I was told that only Jenkins hold the secret to forging mithril! I must examine this further – the smith whom crafted this was a master! Perhaps I could find him learn more…
  • A black trident – made of star metal! It absorbs spells cast at it. Again no weapon smith mark on it however the handle is carved in great detail. I must examine it further…

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get to all of the items. As a group we’re headed back to the cave we saw the leprechaun in a few days back. “Delvers of the Deep” here I come!

Status Report
Griffon Adventure From Another Point of View

Joint report on activities of Group 342312A34 in relation to Experiment 32BZ89A

  1. This joint report is a compilation of Ground Observation Group 87A29, Ground Operative Groups 38Y43 and 20YY39, and Lab Group 39AD32.
  2. Experiment 32BZ89A (hear after referenced as “the experiment”) is a colonist-preserving effort to eliminate a general threat. The experiment sought to reduce the threat posed by predator 83AP32 known as “Griffon” or “Gryphon”. Lab Group 39AD32 introduced a genetically modified strain of e.coli strain 323345 to a clump of these creatures through Asset JHM89 (deceased). The experiment was terminated unexpectedly.
  3. Ground Operative Group 38Y43 had a surface request from Asset BOB4739 and Asset HKP392 to track colonists in social group 43NCAD20. The group was a level 37 threat level with both psi, magic, pagan and clan influences. Members of the group who were in this group as it travelled:
  4. Ground Observation Group 87A29 had no difficulty tracking their movements for 6 days by horse-animal pulled vehicle. They left the vehicle and traveled on foot to the site of the experiment. See file 3920394023832 for movement trace details.
  5. Asset NGS98999 provided a copy of a report on most of their ground activities at the experiment site. The experimental clump had symbiotic relations with a clump of predator 98AP22 known as “Manticore”. This clump was wiped out by the humans with no loss of life. It should be noted that NSF325674323456 used psi powers provide a force field and to lift the bodies into the air. The experimental clump devoured them. NSF325674323456 may have been tipped off to the nature of the experiment and deliberately destroyed the symbiotic creatures to prevent samples from being obtained to see if the bacteria had spread. However clever she was, the tails of these creatures were collected by NSM231293029371 before disposal.
  6. The group left the site of the experiment, most on foot as their location rotated into dark. It is unknown where they went. They returned as the site rotated into light. A separate sub-group of the social group arrived with them:
  7. After revealing their plan to the local member of clan group NR234, they lured a 6 of the experimental clump to their death. Due to severe weather conditions, the reports aren’t as clear as they need to be in the details. It is difficult to believe they could succeed without the experiment playing some factor, especially where our earlier attempt failed. See report GO32A341239 for more details.
  8. A sub-group assaulted the hilltop site and wiped out the remains of the experimental clump. They collected eggs and left offspring alive.
  9. Ground assault group Delta5 arrived during the next dark period to collect samples and cauterize the area. Lab Group 39AD32 is thankful for their cooperation and is analyzing these samples.

Action Items:

  1. Tissue samples from the Maticores need to be obtained. NSM231293029371 has these. Ground Operative Group is to direct assets to collect these samples.
  2. Social group 43NCAD20 should have its threat level increased by at least 7. The addition of NSF325674323456 and the capability to decimate the experimental clump weigh heavily in favor of this. Ground Operations should share this with key assets.
  3. The group seems to trust members of clan group NR234. This should be noted in the file and used in conjunction with Ground Operations in the future.
  4. Ground Operations should collect ballads from NSM320930291237, and make separate inquiries through pagan group NG17 for finer details on the battle. The experiment results need to be tested.
  5. One of the eggs needs to be collected to see if the bacteria successfully passed to the offspring. Ground Operations should spare no expense.
  6. Exposure to e.coli strain 323345 should have no effect on humans. NSF593910394593 is to be observed for infection, as she was injured by both the Manticores and the Gryfons. If possible, a blood sample should be obtained. If she attempts to contact pagan group NG11, all efforts should be made to obtain a blood sample before this occurs.
Missy-Adventures: Manticores and Griffons oh my!

Dear Journal, my first “adventure” if you can call it that has been most unpleasant. We left Workstail to go find the Griffons. Wait! Before I start I need to note that a few evenings ago Barret came to me and offered an apology regarding his most impolite rudeness towards me since we met. He seemed rather sincere and gave reasons as to why he acted as he did. I told him he needs to learn control and to compartmentalize things. Even though you realize the squishy feeling between your toes is regurgitated fish left by a cat, one should not take it out on a friendly dog trying to lick your cheek in happy greeting. I have decided to accept his apology this time and I do hope he learns to control himself.

Back to the Griffons. There were also Manticores sadly. I have had to make a rather stark distinction between Animals and Magical Creatures as they are decidedly not the same. Whereas a hungry grizzly bear can be reasoned with, Magical Creatures cannot! They are mean, vicious, rude, deceitful and so forth.

I have typically had good relations with people and animals but of late I am finding I need to re-evaluate words I have only read about and what their true meaning may be as to when you meet someone or something that could be classified as such. For example in an earlier journal entry I thought I had an idea how to classify the word “hate” in regards to Barret but I now have to completely re-think how I felt and what word would be appropriate. I now think “dislike” would have been more appropriate at the time. I do not think that simple words can accurately give measure to such things. I will have to give this more thought. For example let me start with a scale of 1 to 10, I think dislike would be a two and hate would be an 8 and I do not know what word would accurately describe a ten.
On the thought of quantifying things I have found that in my accumulated knowledge of monsters nothing seems very quantified. An example on this is “A Griffon is strong,” “On a special moon event a Griffon is very strong!” But what does that mean? This does nothing to help me evaluate the true threat provided by these Magical Creatures. How does this help quantify anything regarding the strength of a Griffon on a special moon event. I observed they were able to fly and throw large boulders. These boulders were too heavy for me to pick up but one had split in half and I was able to lift half a boulder. I know that the average weight of a slink fish if five pounds and I can pick up one hundred to one hundred and a quarter slink fishes at a time in a net, the net itself weighs about a hundred pounds. This would indicate that the griffons can carry boulders in the range of at least 1000 to 1450 pounds. This is an important fact that should be noted.

Manticores have also lived up to my new species classification of Monsters, I mean Magical Creatures and are just as vile, no not vile as that may be the best word for a ten and the Manticores were not that bad but bad none the less. Anyway, the Griffons proved to be basically Monsters. We were first attacked by some Manticors which proved to be monsters as well. I tried to tell them to go away or we would be forced to hurt them but they would not listen to reason. I felt rather bad for them as we had to kill them, well not me thankfully! Lena and Jax have a very interesting spell which causes a creatures very own shadow to animate and attack its owner! It was most impressive, and would show its value even more when we later fought the Griffons.

Despite my apprehension regarding Barret as a person and his moral competency he is quite impressive in combat based on what I have not observed. When we fought the Manticors he first vanished then suddenly Manticore heads practically fell off. I knew where everyone was but Barret so it must have been his handiwork. Later when fighting the Griffons he must have done well as he killed two all by himself with only one, rather nasty, claw rip through his blood soaked armor.

Speaking of soaked, the weather the second day was miserable! Flying in that wind was a pain especially with trying to keep half a dozen griffons chasing me. I am very glad for my shied as it kept me nice and dry. Jax has something similar. Unfortunately the rest of my fellow adventurers looked very miserable and completely soaked reminding me of Jarl one of my cats when he got in an argument with Rufford one of my dogs and jumped off the dock and swam to shore, such a wet miserable creature had I not seen until seeing my fellow adventurers.

Speaking of Adventurers, when I led the party to a cave to spend out the night possibly awaiting a Griffon ambush we were set upon by one of the dreaded Postal Clan! I practically… well that is not something I will write down. But my only run in’s with the dreaded Postal Clan to date have carried news of first my mother’s death and second my father’s death. The news I fearfully expected was very unexpected. Somehow two other members of the Southern Cross Adventurers Guild had “mailed” themselves to us. After some socializing with each other Barret introduced me to the new people, Kevin and Margene. They are not new as they are full members of the Adventurers Guild and I am the new one but in this context they are new to be joining up with the rest of us on this hunt. Hunt is sadly the best word as Barret reminded the rest that the Adventurers Guild had agreed to this, I wish I had been at that meeting as I would have done my best to not undertake this adventure.
That said Dear Journal, while I do not at all like this adventure we are on in my studies I do know what a reputation is. If we wish to become a successful Adventurers Guild then we cannot fail in our adventures that we commit to else we cannot move on and help others. We are an Adventurers Guild, we have one adventure then another adventure and so on. Some adventures are simply roads to other more significant adventures. So I have read and hope. As I said Journal this was a most unpleasant adventure I nearly cried at the next event I need to document… Sorry Journal I hope my tears have not stained you. The morning of the second day, the weather was miserable with torrential rain. The group wanted to rethink what we should do. We had only half a day to complete our adventure and most of the group wanted to change direction and follow down the hold the silly Leprechaun had gone down. From my previous exploration that was going to be a twisted maze of tunnels and may lead nowhere and would not help us fulfill our adventure in any way. All but Barret wanted to go explore the caves soddenly, I could see Barret was suddenly becoming disolusioned with the group’s sudden change. And people were suddenly looking at me, and I love animals I did not like this adventure to start with. The Sothern Cross Adventurers Guild did not hesitate to destroy the vile unholy monster which murdered my father and possessed his body. How dare they balk now in completing the adventure they agreed upon? I feel sick to my stomach recanting this but I had to speak up, I mean this is the Adventurers Guild, they committed to an adventure. Did they balk at removing the head of the creature inhabiting my father’s body? No! I don’t recall exactly what I said or how much of that sentiment I recanted but we went off to face the Griffons and won.

An aside, I may no longer be a probationary member of the Adventurers Guild as suddenly there was a vote and I guess now I am an actual full member? I am unsure of this as when Barret came to talk to me the other night most of his issue was with various protocols and such and while there was a vote I am not sure. When I get back to Southern Cross I will prepare a proper basket to prepare a dinner and visit Brianna and Errol Tennison who are Trustees of the Adventurers Guild to introduce myself and get this matter cleared up properly.

On another side note I have read many times of people fighting like “cats and dogs” and I think this statement is most inaccurate. I have sat and listened to many disputes between cats and dogs, and many other animals too, and none are so rude and heated as humans. If I ever hear that statement uttered by a human I will have to correct them that, “No, you are fighting like humans. Cats and Dogs are far more civil.”

Good night Journal, I need my sleep.


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