Jax Jenkins

Black hair, Blue eyes, Pale white skin, Jenkin's tattoo, travelling clothes, longsword & staff


Appearance & social traits:

  • Inquisitive
  • Absent minded

Other notable traits/skills:

  • Ambient temperature is much colder around Jax
  • Mage
  • Enchanter
  • Artificer
  • Sage (knowledgeable about many things – a master of none)


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21
  • Clan Tattoo: Jenkins
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Color: Pale
  • Profession: Mage, Enchanter, Artificer, Solder

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: Bit chilly here isn’t it?

Jax: It feels good!

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: Mind telling about yourself?

Jax: What do you want to know?

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: How about your history?

Jax: History? My history? Well that a relative topic. Can you be more specific? Is there a specific point in time you are inquiring about?

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: Let’s start with your parents, where your grew up – is that detailed enough?

Jax: Oh, my youth? Ok yes that helps. You know as an interviewer you really need to learn to be more specific in your questions. How can you be successful in your job if you don’t ask good questions!? As a youth I never knew my parents, i never met anyone who honestly knew them. The Jenkin’s clan is my family. Thus my name: Jax Jenkins. Born and raised, served my time on “the mountain”.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: Says here on your paperwork that you ran into trouble with BoB. Care to explain that?

Jax: Oh that – well I think it was more of an accident really. I was going about my business serving time as a soldier when several members of the Brotherhood of the Bone showed up. At that point in my life; I think that was perhaps the most harrowing experience I ever had! It was my first battle and I’m slightly embarrassed to say I froze up. I saw my squad fighting but – just – couldn’t move, I was scared. Trust me you would be too. At some point during the battle a huge hulking brute of humanity attempted to attack me and well (this is where things blur for me) – I um, what did you say your clearance level was?

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: I have clearance – XXXXXXXXX

Jax: Ok just checking never can be sure you know. Well that hulking brute lost his arm – it just withered up and fell off his torso. I remember the look in eyes the most, I know his face well – I believe I had tunnel vision at the time. I don’t recall seeing his arm fall off. Well this one armed brute (never got his name) screamed and ran off back wherever it is BoB’s go. His remaining men ran after him too – quick as jack rabbits! I think I passed out after that – I don’t remember anything else…

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: So what happen to his arm?

Jax: Technically his appendage was reduced in temperature, the supply of blood to the appendage froze. His body could no longer maintain blood flow to the appendage and it fell off.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: You froze his arm?

Jax: Yes – although not on purpose. At the time I didn’t know I did it or how it happen, I was only 16. Reports of the event made it back to command and after several interviews it was determined that I should spend time with mages. I had inherent magical abilities that might better serve the clan.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: Says here you spent several years studying magic.

Jax: 4 years to be exact. Yes.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: You were introduced to Dixon through your trainer?

Jax: Yes. However the cleric’s didn’t impress me – if i pledge myself to a divine entity i would expect their followers to practice what they preach.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: When did you realized that your talents were not magical?

Jax: The Church of Dixon had an individual on staff with powers that were classified as “powers of the mind”. Although by that time I was well into my second year of mage training and I found it extremely interesting. I haven’t really delved that deeply into my other abilities. Except for Project Cold Forge.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: Project Cold Forge?

Jax: Yes, yes. Unlike the traditional forges that use fire, our hypothesis was that by slowly reducing the temperature of mithril after it had been forged into a specific form one could increase the durability, protection and potentially the damage output of such an item. It really has to do with removing the Chaos from an item. All items are inherently “chaotic” they are often formed out of random elements that are in layman’s terms bonded together. The whole premise behind Cold Forge was to further enhance mithril. By slowing freezing a weapon (or armor) you are purging the item of Chaos – aligning the item to Order. You bring the items temperature slowly down and after a period of time slowly restore it to room temperature. You see Order is inherently much stronger than Chaos.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: So what happen? Why are you here and not continuing your work on Project Cold Forge?

Jax: Ah yes well there were complications. We spent 4 years working on Project Cold Forge, I learned all about forging base metals and a bit about lapidary and making jewelry. Ultimately I was told funding had been cut. I personally believe there was a conspiracy. Agents of Chaos! Strange unexplainable events kept occurring. At one point a dimensional rift opened up! It was very exciting – I was totally prepared to walk through it and see what was on the other side! Although the rest of the research team dragged me out. The building itself imploded along with all our work. Pity really – I have the only cold forged weapon we ever made.

Adventurer Guild Interviewer: And what is it your do now?

Jax: Now, well the clan keeps me busy – I keep getting sent on errands. Here and there. I enchant items for the clan now and then. I decided it might be time to join the Adventurer’s Guild…

Jax Jenkins

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