Kenzie Miyamoto


Notable & Obvious Advantages

Appearance and Social Traits:

  • Appearance (Attractive)

Other notable positive traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Combat Reflexes
  • Earthborn (half American half Japaneze)
  • Enhanced Tracking 6
  • Extra Attack 1
  • High Pain Threshold
  • Weapons Master (Katana)
  • Very Fit

Notable & Obvious Disadvantages:

Appearance and Social Traits:

Behavior Traits:

  • Bad Temper (Quirk)
  • Code of Honor (Sword Master)
  • Compulsive Behavior (Practicing/Excercising)
  • Obsession (Perfect my art at any cost)
  • Obsession (Quirk) (Open a Dojo and bring the teachings of Miyamoto to Blugar’s World.
  • Overconfidence
  • Pacificm (Cannot harm innocents)
  • Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions)
  • Sense of Duty (Dixon)
  • Vow (Quirk) (Will Not Get Married or Pregnant)

Other notable negative traits that can be determined with spending time around her:

  • Duty (Help improve mankind) {from Follower of Dixon template}
  • Duty (Hospitality, Other followers of Dixon) {from Follower of Dixon template}

Primary Features:

Gender: Female Distinguishing Marks: None at this time Father: Deceased
Age: 24 Height: 5-foot 10 Mother: Deceased
Eye Color: Brown Religion: Dixon Siblings: None
Hair Color: Black Location Of Home: Southern Cross Marital Status: Single
Skin Color: Light Olive Profession: Sword Master Significant Other: None


The first chapter of my life was pretty normal. I grew up in California and had a pretty normal life. My father was a huge bear of a man originally from Montana, he met my mother in Japan when he was stationed there in the Army. Dad never really told me what he did in the Army and we did not live on a base, he was even allowed to grow his hare out and a beard. When I was 12 my world changed. Some men in uniform came to the house and regretted to inform us that my father had died as a hero for our country.

The second chapter of my life began a few months later when my mom received a telegram regarding her father and that he had taken ill. My mother sold the house and moved us to Japan. The culture change was nearly as traumatizing as when I had lost my dad but I tried to stay strong for my mother’s sake.
I had never met my grandfather before so was not sure what to expect. He ran a Kendo school on the outskirts of Okinawa and I would learn was a feared and respected sword master. My mother introduced me to him and he looked at me, looked back at my mother, pointed at me and said “Pretentious” and stormed off. My mother would later explain to me that my father had named me Kenzie, which in Japanese was pronounces the same as Kensei which means Sword Saint. I would also learn that my family line was descended from the great 16th century sword master Musashi Miyamoto who the word Kensei was founded. My great ancestor fought in three wars and hundreds of duel’s to the death. Someone to be feared indeed! No wonder grandfather took such affront to my very name.
Not dissuaded I decided to meet this new challenge head on. In the course of the next year I enrolled in my grandfather’s Kendo School and trained and practiced every waking hour I could to live up to my namesake. My Montana genetics gave me a significant height advantage which I was grateful for, especially when facing off against boys several years older than me. It was not until I turned 15 that my grandfather actually came to the dojo and watched me practice. He then came over drew his sword and told me to defend, then he casually disarmed me and whacked mu upside the head causing my head to bleed. I refused to give him the satisfaction of letting him see me cry. He just shook his head and walked out. I was so furious that when the next boy I fought mocked me I lost my temper and beat him unconscious, when two other boys came over I disarmed them and beat them unconscious as well until one of the Sensei Mito intervened.
My mother picked me up at the hospital. I had not realized at the time but I had suffered several cracked ribs and many contusions in my rage. My mother was so furious with my that in the car she alternated between yelling and cold silence. When we pulled up at the house grandfather and Sensei Mito were waiting outside and suddenly my stomach went cold. My mother marched me over to grandfather still yelling at me. Grandfather held up a hand then looked me over as if I were a lump of coal then told me that I have the spirit of my name but that I had much work “Pretentious One” ahead of me, my training will begin in the morning. My mother was absolutely shocked.
I thought I had been training before but the next several years were incredibly grueling. Grandfather taught me the duel weapon techniques our great ancestor had founded. When I was seventeen a member of rival school insulted me in town that a “half-breed like me was a disgrace to my grandfather’s dojo.” This incident led to the first of many duel’s I would fight but this first one was the only one where when rules were being discussed I took a queue from my great ancestor and proclaimed it to be to the death. Everyone was shocked, everyone but my grandfather that is. After my bloody victory my grandfather came over to me, he told that I am still pretentious, but I am Kensei.

The third chapter of my life began when I awoke on Blugar’s world, in the town of Southern Cross where for the past two years I have had to instruct other new arrivals training them. I did not mind actually as it is my goal to someday open my own dojo and bring the teachings of my great ancestor to this new world. I even took the last name of my great ancestor so that it will live on even out to the stars.

Kenzie Miyamoto

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