Clan of the One Sword

Chivalry is not dead as long as the Clan of the One Sword is around. Each member dedicates himself or herself to being the best at one weapon and using that skill to save innocent people from oppression, evil and dirty deeds. The One Swords are trusted by all the Royal Clans. The sword tattoo gets a nick for each 2 new clan members trained by this member.

The benefits of being in the Clan is you are Trained By A Master, which enables you to learn many skills an ordinary person can’t. In most good cities, you can find a retired member of the clan, who will offer hospitality, and provide information and stories from his or her glorious days of fighting. You have a similar duty of hospitality for all members of the clan who wander into your camp at night, or into your town. You have a Code of Honor – you would never harm an innocent, use a gun, get drunk, flagrantly break the law, disobey an authority, or cause shame to fall on the clan. You have a duty to find the lost, help the helpless, and never ask for pay when asked to help. You don’t have to take a vow of poverty, but being a member of the clan is not a method of income. If grateful people give you gifts, that is acceptable. You also have an enemy – the Brotherhood of the Bone. Outside of any town (or in lawless towns), they will happily try to kill you.

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Clan of the One Sword

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