Days, moons, years, seasons

The day is 20 terra hours long. The two moons, the Red and the Blue, circle the planet with 29 and 40 day periods. When both moons are waxing to full, the superstitious people fear lycanthropes and other creatures influenced by the tides will be out in strength at night.

Each year is 325 days long, except for 326 day leap years every 10 years except for 325 days on century years. The year this campaign started on was 1190. The date was
300. The common nomentclature records the day as 1190.300.

The orbit of the planet is eccentric, with no polar tilt. The effect is that there are two seasons – winter and summer. Summer days average 140+ F, and winter days average 70 F. It is for this reason most activity happens in the winter (days 300 – 125) except in the extreme north and south where winters are up to 40 days longer. Summer is a time for root cellars, basements, training, reading and relaxation. The days and nights of summer are ruled by the natives of the planet that can handle the heat – reptiles, dragons, and rollers.


Days, moons, years, seasons

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