Fremds are bipedal humanoids who would be hard pressed to pass as human. Their narrow faces and high foreheads make them standout. Humans in the early colony days were befriended by this native race, but the friendship did not last forever.

Fremd can mate with humans, but offspring are rare. Half-fremd blood does not unage humans.

In 412 AL a Fremd was visiting the human settlement Sumu on the edge of the Eastern Forest. He chose the wrong village to visit – most of the people in this town were part of a demon cult. They captured him, sacrificed him, and, trying to inspire new members, the cult leader drank his blood before the demon arrived. Two things went wrong – first, the demon did not show up for the soul, for Fremds do not have souls in the same sense as humans. Next, Fremd blood is a de-aging agent for humans. The cult leader was 20 years younger within an hour.
Humans and Fremd had lived separate but touching for 400 years. Humans found Fremds very alien and didn’t feel comfortable with them around. There were tales that some Fremd lived over 200 years, but most just dismissed this as hogwash. Fremd were great in herb lore, wood craft and bows, and traded for metal and cloth from the humans that lived near the edge of the forest. What happened next ended the peaceful coexistence.

The difference between a gold rush and a mob, it is said, is greed. In 412 AL, every village on the edge of the forest emptied as the Fremd Rush began. Unprepared for the woods, lightly armed but with surprise on their side, the villagers managed to capture 15 Fremds and drink their blood before the Fremd defended themselves against the humans. Summer put an end to the Rush for that year, but both sides counted the days until Fall.

The Su-Yu that lived in the town of Sumu sent word to all their family of what was happening, and the potential value this market represented. Word leaked out and spread like wild fire around the world. In 413 AL, 100,000 members of humanity marched into the Eastern forest, led not by young courageous leaders, but by greedy aging people wishing to be young again. Every group was in competition with every other group – the fountain of youth was at stake.
The Fremd were ready this time, and they treated humans like the orcs and gnolls that they had fought for years. The Fremd long bow is not so much a personal weapon, but a piece of artillery. The Fremd had long ago learned how one spotter could signal to a battery of archers and bring down flocks of arrows on out-of-sight targets. With the exception of three dozen spotters, humans failed to capture any Fremd that year, and when the heat of summer hit the forest, about 1000 humans straggled out of the forest, happy to be alive and a little older. Tales of slaughter and Fremd death-waves of arrows led some humans to think that the Fremd would emerge from the forest and wipe-out everyone. Humanity had lost the war.

Fremds saw the battles in a different way. Never since the early days had they ever lost so many people. 51 people were now dead, and as Fremds live for around 800 years on average, their loss of collective millennia of life had as much effect on Fremd society as the loss 99,000 humans had on the human society. They thought humans had no value of life, especially after seeing thousands die the first year, and even more come back the second year. The Fremd knew that the next year even more humans would come and even more Fremd would die. The Fremd had lost the war.

In 414 AL, representatives of Fremds and humans met at the edge of the forest. Both were ready to surrender, and the translators grew very confused at the opening statements. The Fremds and the humans both offered what sounded like amazing offers, and the Treaty of Sumu was signed within an hour. It wasn’t for many years that both sides realized that they could have had the upper hand at this meeting. The Treaty gave humans the right to live in any hand-cleared glens and prairies up to the edge of the forest, but no deeper. Fire could not be used to destroy forest. Fremd were limited to forest areas only. Any blood-hunters that arrived in border settlements would be arrested or the Fremd would be notified that they were coming. Humans in the Eastern Forest were not representing humanity and could be slaughtered without need to attack the border towns in retaliation, except for colonists. The Treaty has been broken many times by humans, but only once by the Fremd in 583 by some over zealous farmers that decided no one would notice if they burned down a hundred acres of forest along the edge for their growing town. They were found pincusioned with so many arrows that their bodies were covered over with dirt mounds as it was easier than trying to unstick them from the ground.

Fremd are the only race who can make dragon slaying arrows. Their method is secret, but the arrows will slay a dragon if even 1 point of damage makes it past the natural armor. For that reason, a dragon smelling a Fremd will flee or attack with blood lust. Fremd do not sell these arrows without good cause.


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