Killers of Katmandu

We’re just an insurance company. If someone wants to pay to have you killed, you’ll be killed…unless you have an insurance policy with us, in which case we will notify you of the attempt and 30 days later return the money to your enemy (if they are still alive). We insure at a 1/3 premium – we can insure you against a 900 g.p. hit for only 300 g.p. per year. Also, we can put a 10% premium on that so when we notify you of the attempt we also notify you who your enemy is.
We offer a variety of other services, including accidental death. Lets say you know someone that you don’t like. You can bet us 600 g.p. that this person won’t die in the next 30 days. If the person dies, we keep the money, and if they live we’ll return the money plus a gold piece. …. Oh no, we don’t kill the person to win the bet. They just happen to die by poison or sword wounds or accidental bow fire….

KK offices can be found everywhere in the Empire. When working, members of the KK wear a white hood. Don’t interfere with someone wearing a white hood and you won’t get killed. Don’t wear a white hood unless you should be wearing one. Members of the KK consider their profession to be a combination of rat catcher, waiter, and priest. Many are not even evil, just not good.

Membership in this group can come about in a variety of ways. Working in Sales takes dedication, and the ability to defend yourself from upset customers. Field workers (who are looking to see if anyone dies in that 30 days) come about their profession two ways:

  1. Volunteer to be a temp worker. You will be assigned to observe certain people. You must find 3 people who die and you only have 10 days to find each one. You get 50% of each fee paid, and then get offered a permanent position.
  2. Be one of those people who is expected to die, and live. Generally there comes a temp worker in the first 10 days, a permanent field workers by day 20, and a very experienced field worker in the last 10 days. On day 31, most likely the Postal Clan will deliver an invitation of employment.

Permanent field workers can review work assignments before accepting work. People higher in the chain generally know which field workers are best for an assignment.

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Killers of Katmandu

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