Miyamoto Clan

The Miyamoto Clan is a newly formed clan founded by Kenzie Miyamoto. It is based on the teachings of her 17th-century great ancestor Musashi Miyamoto from Earth. Many of the beliefs are that of Bushido, or way of the warrior.
Honor is very important. Honor, for oneself, one’s family, one’s clan is at the heart of Miyamoto Clan. An insult must be addressed. If an individual or other clan insults a member of the clan then the clan may settle the dispute in a duel between the individuals or chosen champions. The duel is not necessarily to the death.

Honor is thicker than blood.

Its combat focus uses the Kempo style Nito Ryu meaning “two swords school.”

A person may petition a clan Master to join. If accepted, they may begin their training as an initiate. To advance they must show competency with the sword, learn how to act appropriately and learn the beliefs of the clan. If a petitioner passes all of the tests and advances to Brown Belt then they are considered a member of the clan and receive their first tattoo.

The breakdown of Belts can be found here.

The clan currently does not hold a fief.

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Miyamoto Clan

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