Monks of Zorro

Shaolin Monk Martial Arts
The shaolin monk learns to harness ch’i which is the universal power. Only by harnessing such energy can a person of mild stature learn to break bricks with his bar hand, or learn to sense the movements of an opponent in the darkness. By tapping into the universal energy one increases one’s abilities many times.

Monk Abilities

Kung Fu (Shaolin Monk version)
Hand to Hand
Dmg is 3 + Monk Lvl (1,2 – d4, 3,4 – d6 etc.)
Foot/Kick (Atk level – 2)
Dmg is 5 + Monk Lvl (1,2 – d6, 3,4 – d8 etc.)
Freedom from wealth:
No hording up, limit 1 magic item/2 level. Must give up one to (not sell or trade) and then wait for 30 days before getting another.

1st Level Monk
Armor Class
AC = Monk Level
Defensive attack.
Any attack can be used defensively. Apply attack skill level as shield skill. When used, you lose the attack the next round. Maximum number of times is equal to the available number of attacks available. Also an attack can be used to dodge/deflect a ranged attack if aware of attack.

Monk can use Florentine skill = Monk level and is ambidextrous with any small weapon.

2nd Level Monk
Stunning blow
Take one attack during round, but deals double damage, and save dmg vs con or stunned d(Monk Level) rounds.
Penetrating blow
Take one attack during round, but hit bypasses all armor.

3rd Level Monk
Improved Critical
Attacks versus humanoids results in double critical chance.
Knock Down
Max Damage Hit – Opponent must save or fall down (Dmg vs Con).

4th Level Monk
Defensive Bonus
Monk base defense is multiplied by the number of turns per round. Example: If monk is moving double then the base defense is doubled.

5th Level Monk
Run on Again
Monk can run on anything for lvl rounds. 1 round prepare.

6th Level Monk
Feel Chi
Can sense ch’i energy by passing hands over object. Allows person to not only detect, but note disturbances in the flow of the ch’i.

Monk Skill

Combat Awareness
If monk is fighting opponents that can be sensed via ch’i get defensive bonus equal to Monk level as a shield bonus due to increased awareness of opponent’s moves and intended actions.

Monk Priest Spells
Unless noted otherwise, a monks spells do not require verbal, semantics, or components.

While the spell may be instantaneous, the affect begins at the beginning of the round, but only a single spell can be cast in a single round.

Also spells, unless noted otherwise, can not be stacked. This means you can not cast Bull strength multiple times.

1st Level
Fists of Flurry:
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: Monk Level
Double number of attacks for Monk lvl rounds
Healing Mediation
Cast: 1 round
Dur: n/a

Heal Wis Bonus + d(Monk Level) HPs
Cat’s grace
Cast: 1 round
Dur: Monk Lvl + Wis Bon
Increase Dex d(Monk Level)
Power Blow
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: One Blow
Strength += (Monk Lvl * 2) + Wis Bon
For one blow or strike

Fight through pain
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: Monk Lvl + Wis Bon
Fight one level higher than current dmg lvl. Can stack up to Monk Levels.

2nd Level

Double Time
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: Monk Lvl + Wis Bon
Double actions for Monk Level plus Wisdom bonus rounds.

Cast: 10 minutes
Dur: until move
Take 10 minutes to hide, very hard to spot
Take Blow
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: Monk Lvl + Wis Bon
All Non magical damage treated as subdual as long as monk remains conscious.

Might Move:
Cast: 1 round
Dur: 1 action
Feat of super human stength (not harmful)
Bull Strength
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: Monk Lvl + Wis Bon
Strength += Monk Lvl + Wis Bonus.

Restful sleep
Cast: 10 hours
Dur: n/a
Heals all damage in 10 hours. Proportional if interrupted
Magic Fists/Hands
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: 2 * Monk Lvl + Wis Bon
Hands and feet treated as magical weapons of attack

3rd Level (4 Pts)
Shake it off
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: n/a
Once per day and in combat removes half damage/half subdual damage.
Whirlwind of Blows:
Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: Monk Lvl
3 times speed for monk level round. Each round can be against a different opponent. Blows can be used to hit or move (1 blow = 1m).

Purge Toxin
Cast: 8 hours
Dur: n/a
Meditate and fast for 8 hours. Able to remove poison, disease, etc..

4th Level (6 Pts)

Dim Door
Cast: ½ Round
Dur: n/a
Anywhere within line of sight. Only to attack or help someone.

Block Crit
Cast: Option when hit
Dur: n/a
50% success – No crit, If not made, then max is double Dmg Crit. Uses ½ of next round.

Strategic Blow
Cast: ½ rnd
Dur: n/a
Within 1 rnd must strike humanoid (living). Takes ½ remaining hit points.

5th Level (8 Pts)

See chi
Cast: 5 minutes
Dur: lvl hours
See movement by living creatures. Will also work in the dark.

Amazing leaps
Cast: 1 rnd
Dur: 20 rnds of combat acrobatic
10 x lvl skill level acrobatics
5 x lvl horizontal leaps
5 x lvl for damage bonus for a single attack

6th Level (10 Pts)

Ch’i Impression
Cast: 10 minutes
Can sense the past disturbances in the ch’i. Can sense up to monk level days in the past.

Mend Ch’i
Cast: 1 minute
Dur: monk lvl + wis bon
Use to attempt to identify and correct disturbances in the ch’i energy to self or others. Can be used to purge toxins, diseases, and other maladies.

Cast: Instantaneous
Dur: 2 * Monk Lvl
Can glide though the air) down (5m/rnd) at 2 times normal movement. Can be used in a fall to prevent fall damage.

Shaolin Monk Philosophy
The Shaolin sect is a combination of Buddhism and Taoism. The Taoism studied nature to look for harmony. They believe that the essence of the universe is composed of opponents, whether physical or (hard/soft; dark/light), moral (good/bad) or biological (male/female), which may be classed as either YANG or YIN. When combined existence is produced.
From the Buddhism, is a belief that we live in the here and now and should act and think accordingly. It teaches the four noble truths about life. The first is that there is pain, suffering, old age, and death in life. The second truth states that the desire for wealth, health, love, money, and life all cause suffering. This is because we cannot have everything we want, and denial is a source of pain. The third truth states that the extinction of desire ceases pain and suffering; killing the ego releases one from wants. The forth truth says that adherence to the eight fold path is the route to the extinction of desire.

The eight-fold path is as follows:
1) Right Views
2) Right Resolve
3) Right Speech
4) Right Actions
5) Right Livelihood
6) Right Effort
7) Right Attention
8) Right Meditation

Monks of Zorro

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