Postal Clan

Dedicated to uniting the Empire by providing quality communications, the Postal Clan is found in every town and city of the Empire. Of course moving the mail isn’t easy. Through rain, wind and dark of night, they’ll read your mail and deliver it to you. Potential members have to show that they can read, travel long distances on foot or horseback, fend for themselves in the woods, and gather and spread good gossip. Look for the letter tattoo on the shoulder to identify a Postal Clan worker.

You have the benefit of a group contact – every clan member is a source of area knowledge, and can put you in touch with local contacts. You have a patron – The Empire protects you from harm by enforcing the laws against killing postal clan workers while they are on duty. You have a source of income – selling stamps. You have a sometimes hazardous job of delivering mail to people who may not want it. (Bills and insurance premium notices.)

Playing a Postal Clan character

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Postal Clan

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