Shining Body of Karin

“Be the best, kill the rest!” is the motto of the Shining Body. Their philosophy is similar to Vollum without the pain and religious side: The strong should rule, the weak should be ruled. Slaves deserve to be slaves, all laws should be carried out to their extreme and do-gooders weaken society by protecting the weak.

The Shining Body monks are arrogant in their white robes with black trim, and are looked up to by those that respect law and order at any cost. The monks look down on the NOPT and Silent One monks as do-gooders and wimps, and usually seek to provoke them into a fight. The Shining Body monks have no qualms in killing their opponents, and are deeply shamed if they wake up from being knocked out by a rival monk.

Shining Body monks have mastered the mental/physical skills of super-human strength, lawful harmony, and thought combat.

The monasteries of the Shining Body are located outside small towns with Full Slavery. Local inhabitants are often hired to do work these monks would not stoop to, such as construction, laundry, cleaning and cooking. They never purchase slaves, but have been known to make slaves out of those that break laws. Slaves usually are used during weapon practice as targets, and few last long.

Shining Body of Karin

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